20 times a pregnancy was realistic on television and in films

Pregnancy is a lot more complicated than decorating a nursery and bringing home a perfectly polished baby.

There are a lot of things that TV and movies get wrong when it comes to pregnancy. For one thing, you usually have a minute to catch your breath before rushing to the hospital.

And when babies are born? They are newborn sized and will not be perfectly rounded off by 6 month olds.

There are some things the media is getting right right now, like with these TV and film pregnancies.


It all started with television’s first-ever pregnant woman, Lucy Ricardo, played by the legendary Lucille Ball. Before her, the pregnancy experience hadn’t even been shared with television audiences.

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Lucille Ball became pregnant with her second child during the second season of her iconic sitcom, which posed a problem at a time when you couldn’t even say “pregnancy” on TV. Desi Arnaz worked hard with network executives and other professionals to allow Lucy to write her pregnancy on the show. It worked and they aired the birth sequence the same night Lucy and Desi welcomed Desi Jr.

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Pam’s pregnancy was also quite real in the context of the show. It wasn’t a planned pregnancy and there are definitely some ~weird~ feelings about it. Shoutout to all moms who aren’t bright and perfect throughout pregnancy, through Pam they will be seen.


Jennifer Garner did the same when she was pregnant with eldest child Violet towards the end Alias.

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The show totally toned down Garner’s action scenes, making it easy for her to continue filming, which kept her character’s pregnancy fairly realistic.


The birth scene in apocalypto is so realistic that many people thought the film contained footage of an actual birth.

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As the film takes place in an era before medical technology has played a role, it is one of the rare films that shows natural childbirth in its most natural form. It’s graphic, but very real given the context.


Rebecca gives birth to the triplets This is us touches on a major fear that parents of multiple births struggle with.


Miranda is conflicted about getting pregnant and not fitting into the role of the bright happy pregnant woman Sex and the City was a restrained delight.

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Say what you will about Miranda Hobbes in 2022, but she was relatable AF in that part of her character’s story. Her horror at having to tell a baby-mad Charlotte also reflects the reality that when women are struggling with fertility issues and it feels like anyone but them could conceive, they can’t always immediately celebrate each other’s pregnancies .


Annie Camden finds out she’s pregnant with twins 7th heaven was a fairly rare glimpse of an elderly woman experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

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A mix-up at the doctor’s office leads Eric and Annie to suspect Mary is pregnant. They later find out that it’s actually Annie who’s expecting. This summer cliffhanger led to a season premiere where the couple discovered they were having twins, making them older parents and bringing their financial limitations into focus as they discussed raising 7 children, ranging from a pair of newborns to to an 18 year old.


Anne has an understandable reaction when she finds out she’s pregnant again 8 months after giving birth Working Moms.

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The struggle she faces is also real. With financial problems, a lot of stress and already two children, Anne and Lionel decide to have an abortion, an option that not many married women or women who are already parents see on TV.


Disappointment also investigates a mother who decides to have an abortion, but this time medical factors were involved.


The reality is that you cannot have an infinite number of healthy children just because you have one healthy child. When Audrey found out she was in danger, that and her and Jeremy’s mixed feelings about the pregnancy guided what seems like an impossible decision to many.


We see many different, realistic pregnancies in What to expect when you expect.

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Pregnancy and motherhood don’t look the same for everyone, even if you experience them at the same time. This also gets an extra salute for being a movie that talks real about how childbirth goes.


Kristy’s traumatic birth in she is having a baby was a rare reminder that pregnancy is quite dangerous.

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As Jake wrestles with the fact that they could lose Kristy, the baby, or both, he’s jolted awake by everything else he’s had to deal with. He needed the trauma to realize that that was all he cared about, and that’s very real to some couples’ experiences.


Molly Ringwald gives an incredible, raw performance as Darcy, a teenage girl experiencing pregnancy and childbirth for holds.

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This cautionary tale about teenage pregnancy gets a dose of reality. Postpartum depression wasn’t widely studied in the movies of the ’80s (or even today’s movies). This was ahead of its time and while things come together a bit too neatly at the end, it has some moments that make it right.


The backup plan might be a bit cheesy, but the scene where Zoe gives birth brings things back to reality.

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It shows both the funny and the serious sides of the lab.


baby mom reminds us that there’s no shame in what you say when you’re in the lab.

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Swearing and yelling are 100% on the table, no matter how gentle you choose to be.


Look who’s talking also believed it to be true that there is no shame in choosing against pain to get help.

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There is no wrong way to welcome your baby into the world as long as all the choices are yours. This one is for the moms who don’t feel embarrassed in their epidural game.


Nine months shows two realistic approaches to birth: Rebecca’s and Gail’s.

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Gail curses her husband and kicks the camera out of his hand, while Rebecca is just as frantic, if a little more composed, about the whole thing.


knocked open wasn’t lying about how long labor lasts for most people. Allison (Katherine Heigl) is one of the rare pregnant women in a movie who knows she has time to make calls, take a bath, try to find her zen, and get to the hospital without panicking.

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It’s also great to see another pregnant woman yell at an eager video documentary, don’t lie.


Jane the maiden Maybe conception wasn’t realistic, but it captured the struggles of new moms whose babies are struggling to hold on.

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Of course, getting the baby to latch is only part of the battle. Jane is pretty real when she’s coping with breastfeeding, triggering a leak and worrying about her milk supply.


Everything Ali Wong said in her parent-centric stand-ups was true AF when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth.

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Ali sheds light on some of the horrors of pregnancy and motherhood with her super relatable rants. It’s hard to pick the biggest moment from her two specials, but I think she hit the pinnacle of reliability while celebrating her postpartum “Asian pear underwear.”


And finally, Amy Schumer was also a real AF about the experience in Expect Amy.


Amy did a comedy special about her experiences during pregnancy, but her documentaries that covered pregnancy and childbirth really hit a note. Part funny and part real, it spoke not only for Amy’s experience, but for so many women out there.

What other movies and TV shows do a good job of showing what pregnancy is really like? Submit your choices in the comments.

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