5 streamer bans of 2022 that shook the internet

5 streamer bans of 2022 that shook the internet
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Streamer bans are one of the most talked about subjects in the community. Each year sees numerous content creators get banned, temporarily or indefinitely, and the past 12 months or so have not been any different.

Over the course of 2022, several streamers have found themselves on the chopping block. With the year entering its last week, this article will present five content creators whose bans got the community talking.

5 streamers bans that got the community talking in 2022

1) JiDion gets banned for inciting fans to spam


Popular American streamer Jidon “JiDion,” now of YouTube, was among the first major content creators to be admonished by Twitch in 2022. He received a permanent ban for violating the platform’s Terms of Service.

In January 2022, the streamer reportedly invited his fans to spam the phrase “L+Ratio” in Pokimane’s Twitch stream. However, the entire ordeal was looked down upon as JiDion took to his socials to apologize. Although he’d initially received a 14 -day ban, it was revised to be permanent shortly afterwards. Though Pokimane and JiDion made up after their conflict, Twitch has not revoked their decision.

2) Twitch streamer kimmikka gets banned for having s*x on livestream


Although there are a host of ways one could get banned on Twitch, being suspended for having s*xual intercourse during a stream is an unconventional one. On August 24, a streamer by the name kimmikka was seen having a rather intimate moment with her partner , who remains unknown. This resulted in her being banned temporarily.

Her story quickly hit the news as clips of her engaging in the act were shared across social media. She did, however, return to Twitch only a week after her ban. Following the controversy, she blamed alcohol for what transpired during the livestream.

3) Greekgodx gets banned for racist gesture


Controversial online personality and streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” is no stranger to receiving bans. In July this year, a month after his first ban of 2022, he was suspended from the platform after an IRL stream showed him making racist gestures towards aual group of — reportedly Asian — while passing them on the sidewalk.

Dimitri denied any accusations of him being racist, claiming that he was only making “noises” that were taken out of context. His ban lasted for a couple of weeks. For those wondering, he streams regularly, albeit to a diminishing audience.

4) Destiny banned for unknown reasons


Twitch streamer and political commentator Steven “Destiny,” who now streams on YouTube, was shown the door by Twitch on March 23. At the time of his ban, he had over 650K followers on the purple platform. The exact reason Twitch’s decision, however , remains a mystery to the community.

During a YouTube stream, the streamer himself confessed that he was not aware of the reason behind his abrupt suspension, making it a highly debated topic. This was not the first time he had received a ban from the purple platform. In 2020, the streamer lost his Twitch partner role after he appeared to “promote violence.”

5) True Geordie banned for “Islamophobic” remarks


UK-based podcaster and YouTuber Brian “True Geordie” is the final creator to enter the list of bans that shook the community. This streamer was banned for a week in November after he was found guilty of making racially insensitive jokes about Muslims.

For those unaware, the remarks stemmed from a reaction video about Andrew Tate converting to Islam. Speaking on the veracity of the latter’s conversion, Brian went on to state that Tate should “blow” himself up to prove his faith. Later that week, he made an apology video confessing to his comments. The streamer has now been unbanned on Twitch.

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