5 times Twitch star Mizkif had the internet’s attention in 2022

5 times Twitch star Mizkif had the internet’s attention in 2022
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Twitch star Matthew “Mizkif” was one of the most-watched content creators on Twitch in 2022. He hosted popular game shows like Schooled that drew tens of thousands of viewers, with several prominent streaming personalities participating. However, Mizkif became embraced in numerous controversies derailing his rise through the Twitch ranks.

He was placed on leave as One True King’s (OTK) co-founder after it was revealed that he downplayed s*xual assault allegations by Twitch streamer AdrianahLee. His year’s highlights were a special in-game skin for SMITE and losing $36,000 while oftle auctioning rare games.

Mizkif was all over social media throughout 2022

5) Mizkif reveals turning down a gambling sponsor that offered him $10,000,000 a year

On April 25, Matthew provided details about his declined gambling sponsorship. In a now-deleted livestream, the content creator mentioned that he considered taking the deal because it provided him with “generational wealth.”

While sharing insights into the gambling sponsorship, the One True King co-founder stated:

“It was not even a lot of time. It was 15 hours a month. It was $10,000,000 a year! 15 hours a month for $10,000,000 a year and… I know. I’m not going to lie to you. Bro, I thought about it and you guys all saying, ‘F***ing do it,’ is not making it easier! I didn’t think you guys would be saying that. I don’t know.”

4) Mizkif surprises the streaming community by ending his Twitch Plays Pokemon series early

The Austin, Texas-based content creator announced a special Twitch Plays Pokemon series on December 2. He mentioned returning to full-time livestreaming if fans beat the Pokemon Emerald Version.


On December 3, the 27-year-old surprised the community by ending the livestream early. He took to his alternate Twitter handle to explain his decision.

Matthew apologized to his fans in a now-deleted TwitLonger post and said he did not expect such low interest. He went on to say that it was “clear” that the interactive broadcasts were unpopular.

An excerpt from his address read:

“Yo guys just want to say I’m sorry that I ended it. I thought there would be a higher turnout and while I expected views to be low I wasn’t expecting it to hit the low interest it did. It’s clear now that there are not a lot of people who care about this and it makes sense why. The game is 18 years old, so you’d have to be at least in your 20’s to have played it. And the twitch community has changed over the past few years since I’ve done it.”

In a reaction thread on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, Redditor u/skummydummy125 shared the streamer’s full TwitLonger update:

3) Mizkif announces his special in-game skin and hosts a $100,000 SMITE tournament

Mizkif went on stage at an OTK gaming convention called the OTK Games Expo to announce his skin for the popular MOBA, SMITE. He revealed Thanatos’ in-game skin by stating:

“I will be Thanatos. I have my own skin!”

On June 28, the Twitch sensation hosted a $100,000 SMITE tournament, with several well-known influencers participating. Fellow OTK member Tectone and his team won the tournament and took the massive cash prize.

Mizkif’s special broadcast was hugely successful, with 42,000 viewers tuning in to see their favorite streamers compete in-game.

2) Mizkif loses $36,000 during an auction of rare games

On November 8, Matthew dedicated a broadcast to selling off some of his most valuable vintage games in an online auction. After nearly five hours, the streamer realized he had incurred a massive loss of $36,000.

Timestamp: 04:45:10

After doing some calculations on the notes document, Matthew stated:

“What the f**k happened?! That box I bought for 30 grand! Literally was at $110,000 three months ago. And now it’s just sold for $15k!”

Following the auction’s conclusion, the content creator noticed several fans laughing after he had lost so much money. He then decided to run ads on his channel and remarked:

“I’m just running ads non-stop and you f***ing a**holes, because a lot of you are sitting here with like, Kreygasming (Twitch emote), non-stop at the fact that I’ve lost this money. Let’s see how f***ing funny to see a three-minute ad. Enjoy ExtraEmily drinking chocolate milk.”

1) Mizkif gets placed on leave following the s*xual assault charges presented by AdrianahLee against CrazySlick

In one of the most controversial moments of 2022, Mizkif was placed on leave following the s*xual assault charges brought against CrazySlick by Twitch streamer AdrianahLee.

On September 20, AdrianahLee watched a clip in which Matthew seemingly admitted CrazySlick’s s*xual assault. The 30-second clip has since received over 278k views, wherein Mizkif was heard saying:

“What you can deem of it, it’s s*xual harassment, whatever. At a low scale, it’s not really a big deal. I don’t think people really gave as**t, and really cared.”

The following day (September 21), One True King issued an official statement revealing that Matthew had been placed on leave and would be stepping away from his “organizational duties.”

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