Area plant nurseries look forward to spring

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) – On the first day of spring in Pitt County, children played at the park while plant nurseries geared up for the season.

For Greenville resident Javier Lozano, winter felt suffocating.

“It’s an amazing feeling just to be able to get out,” Lozano said. “First week of nice weather … they’re able to escape the dungeon that they’ve come to find their home.”

Lozano and his family can enjoy spending their time outdoors.

“Any chance we can get to go outside we do it,” Lozano said. “Anytime, any chance I get to escape the winter of North Carolina I could.”

Lozano said he’s planning his family’s next vacation.

“I actually have a cruise planned in May for her birthday, going to head down eight days in the Caribbean,” Lozano said.

For Friendly Nursery owner Mary Pollard, her business does the best in spring as flowers bloom.

“I’m ready for it, as you can see,” Pollard said. “I have worked and worked and worked and I’m ready.”

Pollard, who’s worked for more than twenty years, said how spring brings in more revenue.

“People are just shopping, shopping, and buying, I get an income,” Pollard said. “When everybody is coming out to buy plants, they don’t buy in winter.”

Pollard said her nursery struggles to maintain flowers during the winter because of the frost, but during the spring, all they have to deal with is pollen.

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