Awards Season as “CODA”, Jessica Chastain, Apple Score Big – Deadline turned upside down


It was a night when the pundits predicted the front-runners of the Oscar season The power of the dog and Belfast came up empty, and longer shots like KODA and Tammy Faye’s eyes They’ve won important races that promise a little more excitement as we head towards the Oscars.

The big movie winner of the night, KODA, was one I saw coming and in my Notes on the Season column on Friday predicted his two wins for supporting actor Troy Kotsur, who became the first deaf actor to win an individual SAG award and the first to win two there he was also part of his Outstanding Cast Award win. This was another race I called for, not only because of the historical circumstances of the very first mostly deaf cast winning the big win, but also because it’s such a universal family story that everyone can relate to: moving, funny and real .

As in the past, this SAG cast award may inspire an Oscar campaign, which is what happened back then parasite won the same award two years ago and ran it up to Best Picture. The sheer enthusiasm and excitement this win evoked in the crowd that night at SAG was palpable, and so was this win tonight KODA, A film that also showed its award potential early on, following its Sundance debut in January 2021, where it won all four major storytelling awards in an unprecedented sweep. It’s nominated for Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay and for Kotsur at the Oscars, and you have to keep in mind that the Apple TV+ will benefit even more from this long-term Oscar offer. The streamer picked it up from Sundance for $25 million, as Marlee Matlin reminded us in her cast award speech, and has been running a strong campaign with extensive and expensive TV spots for several weeks. How far it can climb is TBD, but that has to be encouraging.

Will Smith, Jessica Chastain

Will Smith and Jessica Chastain

CODAs Night at SAG was a win for one of the “heart” films in the running that year, as was Will Smith’s expected win King Richard. A loss here would have turned the general consensus on its head that he is the undisputed front-runner for a Best Actor Oscar, that his time has come and only cements that at this point in the game. The Supporting Actor Award for West Side Stories Ariana DeBose was also widely anticipated as the Afro-Latina actress continued her reign as a favorite in the category where she is expected to become the first Latina to win an Oscar in exactly the same role, exactly 60 years after Rita Moreno.

Smith and DeBose are now joined by Kotsur as category leaders, but the wide-open race for best actress just got a little wider open when Jessica Chastain received the SAG Award for Lead Actress the eyes of tammy faye, Not a predictable winner at all for a film that underperformed at the box office, opened in early September, and hasn’t resulted in many wins for the star yet.

However, SAG is opening a new window in the race and being the first company in the industry to dish out its hardware, break away from the tsunami of critical awards we’ve seen so far and definitely go its own way. Chastain won the award ahead of fellow Oscar nominees Oliva Colman and Nicole Kidman, as well as Lady Gaga and Jennifer Hudson, both of whom were absent from Oscar morning.

Now the race is on, where Penélope Cruz and Kristen Stewart (snubbed at both SAG and BAFTA) will join them. BAFTA is not a factor in the race, a highly unusual situation in which none of the Oscar nominees are nominated. Even next Sunday’s Indie Spirit Awards managed to go their own way, without a single Oscar nominee in this lead actress (Kotsur and The Lost Daughter Jessie Buckley are indeed the only Oscar-nominated actors compete against each other there). Critics Choice, taking place on the same day as BAFTA in two weeks, could add some momentum to this race as Cruz is the only Oscar nominee not in this competition, and Chastain has a real heat tonight.

Ariana DeBose

Gilbert Flores / Deadline

However, keep in mind that SAG doesn’t often beat 1,000, even though it went 5 for 5 in 2019. Last year SAG only managed to keep up with the Oscars in the two supporting categories, but last year it was, well, she to know. Although leading streamer Netflix has been banned on the movies side tonight, as well belfast, Both can come back strong in two weeks if DGA, Critics Choice and BAFTA can all take place within 24 hours and turn the race upside down once again. Leader of the Oscar nomination the power of the dog who went 0-3 at SAG (he wasn’t even nominated for a Cast Award) and surprisingly lost the USC Scripter Award to Netflix stablemates last night the lost daughter is preferred to be strong in all three of these events, and Belfast could even be a home favorite at BAFTA. As you can see, there’s still plenty of time to shake up the race before Oscar voting begins on March 17, and with more than 20 guild awards and other tissue events leading up to Oscar night, there’s potential for a lot of momentum – or cancel.


As for SAG’s impact on the burgeoning Emmy race, Netflix has awarded Lead Actors and Lead Actress in a Drama Series to South Korea’s phenomenon Lee Jung-Jae and Jung Ho-Yeun squid game, Signaling this show as a real player in the upcoming TV awards season. It looked like it would whiz for a nanosecond, but in the end it was HBO success Acquisition of the TV Drama Ensemble Award Squid Game that went as expected – even if it finally came to the surprising first nomination and the first win of this successful series, as is often the case with SAG the following rather than leading to Emmy success.

The same applies Ted Lassos Ensemble and Lead Actor Comedy wins (in another big winning pair for Apple, which has four overall wins between TV and film tonight) as well as Jean Smart’s Lead Comedy Actress Chop and Kate Winslet’s latest Mare by Easttown Bauble. However, Michael Keaton wins for Intoxicated and his emotionally moving speech will go a long way in putting the Hulu limited series and himself in a strong position at the Emmys, especially since there was also a big weekend when Danny Strong won the USC Scripter Award last night.

Overall, surprises and all, this 28th Annual SAG Awards was a welcome return to who we were — stars walking the red carpet to show fashion and sitting face-to-face, maskless, on the table in front of cold food . Nice to revisit how Martin Short said (and why can’t HE host the Oscars?): “Let’s go back to God’s work and give an award to another actor!”

Further. One more month.

If you missed my play-by-play on today’s Deadline Live blog, check it out here.

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