Batman HBO Max US release date announced

The Batman is expected to release on HBO Max for US audiences in late April.

Accordingly meetinga glitch on HBO’s website inadvertently revealed the date the film will premiere on the streaming service and release on HBO Max Tuesday, April 19th.

The listing is no longer available on HBO’s website, but a screenshot can be viewed via the meeting Items.

Warner Bros.

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The film will be available in the US and Canada 46 days after its theatrical release. This is consistent with Warner Bros films being available to stream around 45 days after their first theatrical release in 2022, according to the report IndieWire.

Although there is no release date outside of the US yet, the film grossed almost $300 million in its first week after its worldwide release and a sequel is already being rumored.

Director Matt Reeves told that Happy sad confused Podcast that while there’s no confirmation of a second film, they had “lots of ideas” about where Robert Pattinson’s version of the caped crusader could go next.

Robert Pattinson in the Batman trailer

direct currentWarner Bros.

It has since been announced that Warner Bros. has confirmed a special edition Blu-ray for four more Batman movies. Fans of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and 1992 Batman returns can purchase the films for £39.99 each, complete with new artwork.

The first and third films in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Batman begins and The Dark Knight riseshave also revamped the Collector’s Edition, complete with trading cards and digital goodies.

The Batman is now in US and UK cinemas. The 4K Blu-ray, Standard Blu-ray and DVD of the movie are available available for pre-order now ahead of a June 13, 2022 release.

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