Bella Thorne & Melissa Leo on Intense New Thriller & DEADPOOL 3 (Exclusive)

measure of revenge Stars Bella Thorne and Melissa Leo discuss how they’ve used momentum to tell a unique tale of revenge in this intense new thriller adapted from Shakespeare’s work.

in the measure of revenge, Broadway actress Lillian Cooper (Oscar winner Melissa Leo) makes her last appearance on stage when her famous son Curtis (Jake Weary) is found dead. When his death is ruled an accidental overdose, a suspicious Lillian decides to take matters into her own hands. Seeking answers, she forms an unlikely alliance with her son’s drug dealer, Taz (Bella Thorne), and embarks on a bloody warpath to uncover the truth and punish those who killed her son.

The film is in theaters now and is also available digitally and on demand. Last week we sat down with Leo and Thorne to discuss their respective roles in this memorable thriller, which borrows heavily from Shakespeare’s work to tell a powerful, exciting tale of revenge.

In the video below, both actors talk about how the material influenced their respective performances, how they prepared to play these two very different women (with a common mission), and how they developed their respective characters. We also learn more from Leo and Thorne about the tense first scene they shot and how the latter ponders potentially playing Lady Deadpool dead pool 3.

measure of revenge delivers plenty of surprises and is definitely unlike anything else you’ll see this year. Whether you’ve already reviewed it or still need it, there’s a lot to delve into here thanks to the two leads, and it’s clear that this project is one they’ve both enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of.

measure of revenge goes to so many interesting places… it must have been a really fascinating story for you both to delve into?

Bella: Definitely, 100%.

Melissa: Definitely that and now everyone, having the chance to work with Bella on this was one of the joys.

Bella: [Laughs]

Melissa: And I think you can see that by watching the film!

Bella: Yes, me and Melissa were joined at the waist. It was hard to separate us [Laughs].

Your characters are both so fascinating, but couldn’t be more different. Did you meet up before filming began, whether it was at rehearsals or just to get to know each other so you could build some pre-shoot momentum?

Bella: When we were shooting this movie, I was shooting a show, so I couldn’t fly in until they had already started building their family. I felt the same as the last one [Laughs]. I walked in and didn’t have any real rehearsal time with Melissa, but luckily we talked about it and went through it…that was sort of our rehearsal for our scenes because I was just in and out. I was just so damn lucky and I don’t know the word for being in her presence. That I can just keep digging in her presence [Laughs]I’m not saying that right, but working with Melissa as this character definitely brought me to life.

Melissa: Yes, that’s exactly it, Bella. That’s called acting! [Laughs] When you make it together, it just happens and it’s the happiest time on the planet.

Melissa, your character in this film is dealing with terrible grief and every parent’s worst nightmare. What is it like, as a performer, to penetrate the mindset of a woman like this, with everything going so horribly wrong in her life, before she embarks on this quest for revenge? Is that something that accompanies you home at the end of the day?

Melissa: No, just for fun. She’s guided by these characters that she played, so my attention wasn’t focused on that… I’ve played the parents of a dead child in the past. I received the reply from parents who lost their children and it is too serious an issue [Pauses]. I’ve been busy with the mystery, fun and coaxing of these characters because Bella, don’t you bring all of these characters into your life in some way?

Bella: Ah, 100%. All of the characters you play, and especially, as far as I think, your character, who has starred in these various Shakespearean productions, literally pushes her to feel like she does, rather than just focusing on death . Death pushes them, but these characters push them to push forward instead of sitting in sadness. That’s how I looked at it.

Bella on the other hand, your character is this very enigmatic, mysterious person, so did you think a lot about what brought her to this point in her life, or was it more interesting not to delve into it, to approach her like she it was written?

Bella: The backstory is really important. As I thought about how she got here… I remember when I was filming with Melissa, I kept thinking in my head and kept repeating throughout the conversation, “I have so many things to hide. I have so many things to hide. I have so many things to hide.’ She’s really hiding something, and little by little she decides to give her that information. Her background isn’t a clean background so it becomes apparent why she has so much to hide and why her mouth is shut until opened. I kept telling myself that because especially the first scene where I see her with the gun in the car and the whole situation happens, that was a really pivotal scene. We actually started it and I was super happy about it. I started when I started, but we started with that scene and there was so much fear that needed to be built between these two characters. So much remained unsaid that needed to be said in silence. This was so important when it came to working out, “How do we say this silently without giving away the information we need?”. I kept repeating that to myself too [Laughs]. ‘I have so many things to hide… oh Jesus, oh no, don’t look at me because I’m hiding a lot of information that you need!’

Melissa, Bella mentions that knife and gun scene – it’s very intense and very interesting to hear that it was the first thing you’ve done together, but how was it from your point of view? It felt like your character went in so unprepared and in that state of panic, but the tension just keeps building.

Melissa: I wanted to be sure that the mother had a built-in ability to kill. That came to my mind as an actor. It’s just coincidence. It’s interesting that she used the knife to make the apple, so she had it in her hand, but ends up bringing it down with her as a final thought or something. That helps me because if you look at what’s going on in the film – not to give anything away [Laughs] – You see how she was able to work towards increasingly crude killing of people.

Throughout the film, the story is peppered with all those Shakespearean references. With the way that flows into the story, more for you Melissa than Bella, has that influenced your thought processes as well?

Melissa: The characters were a huge part of the film for me. I wasn’t very interested…someone had asked me, my producer Jen Gatien, how we knew Bella as she had previously worked with Bella while we were trying to find another project to work on: ‘When would a woman kill?’ The only possibility that even felt like a tangible piece of reality to me had to do with killing her child. Then the police turn a blind eye and then they know something is up and they start to discover that they are right. Then it’s the characters that are fun and make a movie out of it [Laughs] and an adventure. Yes, diving into some plays I hadn’t read since college – which is a few years for me – and learning again about the pretty ladies whispering in her ear was fascinating.

Bella: You can definitely see it when you watch the film that these characters — even if she’s not wearing her hair and makeup — are with her. It’s like they are with her in all the scenes and follow her all her life and convince her to do it. They are their strength, almost that’s how I felt.

On a different note, Bella, you mentioned in an interview years ago that you wanted to play a female version of Deadpool. It’s haunted you ever since and I keep seeing you cast into those superhero projects – they’ve now made a Lady Deadpool character, but is that world or superhero projects in general something that still interests you?

Bella: Yes, superheroes are definitely fun. I love action stuff, of course, and I do a lot of action stuff with stunts and stuff like that. It’s always great fun on set and it breaks the work day when you focus on the body and the feeling and not just performing with the voice. I always really enjoy that. Deadpool is my favorite. It’s so raunchy and, hello, I love Ryan Reynolds. He just nails that role to the floor. What I love about Deadpool is this realism that blends with the world of superheroes. It’s something where we feel like we can talk to that superhero today while still being a superhero. i love this shit Like the boys? love this tv show [Laughs].

Well they do dead pool 3 so fingers crossed for you.

Bella: People! I’m here. Where are you?

Melissa: Oh, she would be so good for that, man. You would be stupid to overlook them [Laughs].


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