CHARLES CITY COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — A power plant and pipeline project that would have impacted part of this area has been canceled.

On Thursday, Chickahominy Power, LLC announced that it has terminated a plan for a 1,600 megawatt, $1.64 billion gas-fired power plant that was planned for Charles City County.

Part of this project was also the Chickahominy Pipeline, LLC that would have transported natural gas from an existing Transco’s pipeline in Charlottesville, across Louisa County and other counties, to Charles City County.

In all, the planned pipeline would have been more than 80 miles long.

In February, Chickahominy Power was notified that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had upheld a decision to remove the pipeline from a permitting queue.

According to a release at that time, other projects already in the queue were closer to being operational and needed more attention.

As a result, Chickahominy “paused” its pipeline efforts.

Now the power plant has been canceled as well.

Chickahominy says the plant would have been one of the largest gas plants in Virginia.