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If you are thinking about adding some plants to your yard, consider native plants. Tancey Cullum Belken with Clemson Extension says they are better for the environment and easier to take care of.

“Native plants are really great because they’re designed to grow right here in South Carolina. They are used to our temperature, as weird as the fluctuations can be. They are used to the amount or rain we get on a normal basis. are designed to grow in the soils we have here in South Carolina. They are going to thrive a lot more than if you go to get a plant that is adapted to grow on the equator, or up in Maine.”

Adding native plants to your yard not only provides a splash of color to the landscape, but also food and shelter to birds, animals, and insects that non-native plants just can’t duplicate.

Coneflowers are a great native plant. The songbirds tear them up. They love the seeds in them. and they help to distribute the seeds as they fly, so you get more and more plants each year.

A great resource when researching native plants is the Carolina Yards Plant Database. This can be found online at CLEMSON.EDU/CY/PLANTS.

It can be filtered, for example: “I have a shaded yard that has high moisture content and I want it to be deer resistant.” And it will pull up a list of plants that is good for that type of area.

Native plants already grow here so they require little fertilizer and irrigation and can fight off pests and disease easier than other plants.

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