Ethan Hawke turns evil into Marvel’s New Moon Knight trailer

Marvel Studios is currently gearing up to kick off 2022 with Oscar Isaac moon knight on Disney+. Starring the elusive Steven Grant alongside a mysterious villain in Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, this series will seek to bring a new dynamic to the MCU’s growing story. With ancient Egyptian mythology and difficult mental problems, moon knight possibly one of the most unique MCU projects to date.

The show’s promotional tour kicked off in mid-January, when fans got their first look at Isaac’s Steven Grant, even getting their first full look at the hero’s incredible costume in the process. Living ignorant of the personality of his core Marc Spector and only just beginning to learn about the Egyptian history that comes into play in the story, this first footage opened the door to a wild new dimension of the MCU.


Marvel Studios has already heralded Super Bowl Sunday with an exciting trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but Moon Knight was also teased for being part of the action in his own spot. Now that comes into play as fans get new footage of Oscar Isaac’s first appearance with Marvel Studios.

Moon Knight shines at Super Bowl HVAC

During the first quarter of Super Bowl LVI, Marvel Studios released a 30-second spot for the upcoming one moon knight Series on Disney+.

The full spot can be seen below:


wonder also released a new poster for the series along with the Super Bowl commercial. Half of the image shows Isaac’s bare face while the other half shows part of his Moon Knight costume.

Marvel Studios

Chaos comes to life in the Moon Knight

In a spot mostly filled with new footage, Marvel Studios found a way to bring new levels of intrigue and excitement to this upcoming series.


moon knight appears to be heading down the full supernatural path in various ways with the character’s MCU introduction, as evidenced by the hero’s costume sneaking up on Isaac from behind from the start. This comes before a couple of shots of Steven Grant looking in a mirror to see his reflection doing something different than he is, which only makes the story all the more unpredictable.

Ethan Hawke makes even more of an impact this time around, which goes well beyond the tattoo of scales on his arm eventually moving on his skin. He is later seen wielding some sort of mystical staff that emanates purple energy from above, teasing how big the opponent will be for the titular hero.

One of the more exciting visuals of the action was the multiple use of moon shapes by Isaac’s lead hero. This was evident in the way they worked his cloak as they leaped into the air and the moon-shaped weapon returning to his hand from the moon above him, showing how heavily Marvel relies on these images.


With just half a minute of new action, the MCU made it clear that something was in store for fans that would change the game with the franchise’s supernatural storyline.

moon knight will debut on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.



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