Everything coming (and going) to HBO and HBO Max in April 2022.

We’re in the middle of spring, and in case the warmer weather (and pollen rush) hasn’t given it away, HBO and HBO Max want to make sure we know, so they’re giving us some new series and returning favorites to munch on this April.

New seasons of barry and The flight attendant are back, along with more episodes of A black lady sketch show – The funniest sketch comedy series you probably won’t watch. On the original front, HBO is delivering a crime drama starring Jon Bernthal and produced by the team that gave fans The cable while HBO Max rolls out its Tokyo Vice Series with Ansel Elgort.

Here’s everything else coming to (and leaving) the streaming platform this month.

barry: Season 3 (HBO Series Streaming 4/24)

To cheer barry Fans, your favorite hitman turned aspiring thespian has returned. The long hiatus due to Covid lockdowns gave the show’s creators time to rewrite this upcoming season (and also to write an entire fourth season). So expect Bill Haders’ former hitman to turn his attention inward – psychologically. Season three is about finding out what drove Barry’s life of crime, and if acting can really keep him from going back there.

The flight attendant: Season 2 (HBO Max series streaming on 4/21)

Kaley Cuoco’s messy flight attendant returns for more murderous mysteries. After the chaos of season one, Cassie (Cuoco) is living her best sober life in Los Angeles while working part-time as a CIA agent, but a new case throws her back in the middle of yet another international scandal.

We own this city (HBO Limited Series Streaming 4/25)

The guys who gave us The cable are responsible for this exciting crime drama that tells the true story of the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. Jon Bernthal plays one of the corrupt cops (along with Good Wife star Josh Charles) who are under investigation for everything from racketeering and robbery to racketeering and fraud, even as they use extreme violence to start the ‘war on the city’s drugs.

Here’s everything coming to HBO and HBO Max this month:

Accessible. 4/1
Annabelle2014 (HBO)
Armed and dangerous1986
Balls out: Gary the tennis coach2009
Battle of Los Angeles2011
bug juice1988
bells are ringing1960
Black gold1947
blood ties2014 (HBO)
men’s night1962
Brewster McCloud1970
Brie’s Bake Off Challenge2022
Capote2005 (HBO)
captains brave1937
Chicago2002 (HBO)
children of the damned1964
Czech out!Max original premiere
Dance with wolves1990 (HBO) (Extended Version)
Deleted2013 (HBO)
Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History2022
Five easy pieces1970
Ghosts of girlfriend’s past2009
Girls Most likely2013 (HBO)
graffiti bridge1990
Hugo2011 (HBO)
Iron Eagle1986
Iron Eagle II1988
relationship2018 (HBO)
Krull1983 (HBO)
Larry Krone2011
Les Miserables1998
Limitless2011 (HBO)
ebb2009 (HBO)
Moscow on the Hudson1984
don’t pretend1994 (HBO)
On the waterfront1954
A true singerMax original season 1 premiere
Only lovers are still alive2014 (HBO)
original sin2001 (HBO) (Extended Version)
Peggy Sue got married1986
point break2015 (HBO)
rainman1988 (HBO)
Ed2010 (HBO)
date2020 (HBO)
revolver2007 (HBO)
Seven brides for seven brothers1954
sex drive2008 (HBO) (Extended Version)
She wore a yellow ribbon1949
show boat1936
Six Degrees of Separation1993 (HBO)
Slc punk!1999 (HBO)
Spartan2004 (HBO)
special agent1935
Summer ’421971
Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania2017
Sweet bird of youth1962
The Asphalt Jungle1950
The great cold1983
The big house1930
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints’ Day2009 (HBO) (Director’s Cut)
The Separation2006 (HBO)
The brothers Solomon2007 (HBO)
The chosen ones1982 (HBO)
The newbie1990 (HBO)
The heartbreaking child2007 (HBO)
The incredible Hulk2008 (HBO)
The informant (aka A Besugo), Max Original Season 1 Premiere
The ladies man2000 (HBO)
The Last Airbender2010 (HBO)
The final detail1973
The Last Dragon1985
The Raid: Redemption2012 (HBO) (Extended Version)
The Relic1997 (HBO)
The secret in her eyes2010 (HBO)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty2013 (HBO)
the dew (aka Odwilz), Max Original Season 1 Premiere
The thirteenth floor1999
The toy1982
The madness2008 (HBO)
tootsie1982 (HBO)
Under the cherry moon1986
Universal Soldier: The Return1999
And vice versa1988
Welcome to Collinwood2002 (HBO)
Who is Harry CRUMB?1989 (HBO)
William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet1996 (HBO)
winter meeting1948
Wrath of the Titans2012

Accessible. 4/2
Batwomanseason 3

Accessible. 4/4
The invisible pilotPremiere of the documentary series (HBO)

Accessible. 4/5
man of Steel2013 (HBO)
Tony Hawk: Until the wheels fall offDocumentary Premiere (HBO)
We are the millers2013 (HBO)

Accessible. 4/7
Close enoughMax original season 3
Queen StarsMax original season 1 premiere
Tokyo ViceMax original season 1 premiere
Trinity of ShadowsMax original season 1 premiere

Accessible. 4/8
A black lady sketch showSeason 3 Premiere (HBO)
Crabs in a barrel2022 (HBO)
Mi Casa2022 (HBO)
The night house2021 (HBO)
When you clean a stranger’s house2022 (HBO)

Accessible. 4/12
Black mass2015

Accessible. 14.4
The GarcíasMax original season 1 premiere
Gensan punchMax original premiere
The great pottery throwMax original season 5 premiere
Not that prettyMax original season 1 premiere

Accessible. 17.4
The House2017

Accessible. 21.4
AmsterdamMax original season 1 premiere
Marlon Wayans Presents: The HeadlinersMax Original special premiere
The flight attendantMax original season 2 premiere

Accessible. 22.4
A small audienceSeason 3 Premiere (HBO)
Toy Aficio2021 (HBO)

Accessible. 24.4
barrySeason 3 Premiere (HBO)
The baby Limited Series Premiere (HBO)

Accessible. 24.4
We own this cityLimited Series Premiere (HBO)

Accessible. 27.4
The survivor2022 (HBO)

Accessible. 28.4
Ana Emilia Show (aka Desafío Influencer con Ana Emilia), Max Original Premiere
DoDoMax original season 1 premiere
lampsSeason 1-3
made for loveMax original season 2 premiere
Up close with Ana EmiliaMax Original special premiere
The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult by Gwen ShamblinMax Original Season 1 Part B Premiere

Accessible. 29.4
snowpiercerseason 3

Accessible. 30.4
The Blair Witch Project1999
House of 1000 Corpses2003
The devil’s denials2005

Here’s everything leaving HBO and HBO Max this month:

Leave 4/3
Life is too short2012 (HBO)

Departure on 30.4
2 fast 2 angry2003 (HBO)
A good day to die2013 (HBO) (Extended Version)
aftermath2017 (HBO)
Anna to infinite power1982 (HBO)
blood sports1988 (HBO)
cake2005 (HBO)
Cursed2005 (HBO)
Darkness2004 (HBO) (Unrated Version)
executive decision1996 (HBO)
Extremely loud and incredibly close2011 (HBO)
firefighter dog2007 (HBO)
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada2012 (HBO)
Freejack1992 (HBO)
Frida2002 (HBO)
Get even with dad1994 (HBO)
Hearts in Atlantis2001 (HBO)
your body2018 (HBO)
hit man2007 (HBO) (Extended Version)
House2008 (HBO)
moonstruck1987 (HBO)
My baby’s daddy2004 (HBO)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding2002 (HBO)
never let Me Go2010 (HBO)
News from all over the world2020 (HBO)
Poltergeist II: the other side1986 (HBO)
Poltergeist III1988 (HBO)
Promising young woman2020 (HBO)
Pointless1998 (HBO)
show time2002 (HBO)
Something new2006 (HBO)
stigmata1999 (HBO)
summer school1987 (HBO)
The Betrayed2008 (HBO)
The Brady Bunch Movie1995 (HBO)
The day after tomorrow2004 (HBO)
The end1978 (HBO)
The Fast and the Furious2001 (HBO)
The happening2008 (HBO)
The Pope of Greenwich Village1984 (HBO)
The Poseidon Adventure1972 (HBO)
The Bureau1988 (HBO)
The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising2007 (HBO)
The transporter2002 (HBO)
The wings of the dove1997 (HBO)
Thelma & Luise1991 (HBO)
Male cat2001 (HBO)
Unleashed2005 (HBO) (Director’s Cut)
Waiting for the exhale1995 (HBO)
Weightless2018 (HBO)
Welcome to Sarajevo1997 (HBO)
witness1985 (HBO)
won’t you be my neighbor2018 (HBO)


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