Evil Dead Rise was rated R for gory violence and gore

The long-awaited Evil Dead Rise, the latest film in the Evil Dead franchise, earns an R rating for “gory violence and gore” ahead of release.

The long awaited Evil Dead Risethe latest movie in the evil Dead franchise, has an R rating for “bloody violence and gore“before publication. The latest installment in the franchise will be written and directed by Lee Cronin, handpicked by series creator Sam Raimi. Raimi and original evil Dead Icon Bruce Campbell also serves as executive producer Evil Dead Rise.

Overall the fifth film evil Dead Franchise, Evil Dead Rise reawakens the terrors of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and the Deadites it spawns. After sisters Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and Beth (Lily Sullivan) Evil Dead Rise throws the couple and Ellie’s children into a claustrophobic nightmare of a Deadite siege on their cramped LA apartment building when the Flesh-covered book is found buried in the depths of the building. After Cronin’s announcement of the film’s frame lock status Evil Dead Risee has officially received a rating for Raimi’s bloody franchise.


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As reported by, Evil Dead Rise was submitted to the Motion Picture Association and has since received an official rating ahead of its release later this year. The MPA gave the film an R rating, stating that the film “strong gory horror violence and gore and some language.“The R rating brings Evil Dead Rise consistent with other publications in the evil Dead franchise, as evil death 2, Army of Darknessand in 2013 by Fede Alvarez evil Dead reboot each received an R rating for their gory and gory content. The only outlier is the original by Raimi The bad deathwhich instead has had an NC-17 rating since its release in 1981.

Evil Dead Rise MPA R Rating Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams Bloody

Filmed in New Zealand throughout 2021, Evil Dead Rise promises a bolder, fresher entry into the evil Dead franchise, although it received a similar rating to previous installments and parted ways with many parts of the film’s iconography. The 2013 reboot created a new continuity inspired by the original film by retold the horrors of the cabin in the woods, with a brief cameo from Campbell giving his approval. In contrast, Evil Dead Rise goes beyond the familiar setting of the cabin and hero Ash Williams (Campbell) that other films and television series have explored and expanded upon. Although Raimi isn’t directing, and Campbell isn’t the lead, the director and actor have taken on the role of executive producer on the production, with Campbell previously emphasizing the family dynamic as a stark contrast to everyone else evil Dead story that came before.

With a new director and writer leading the project, and a premise far removed from previous stories, many fans might have been wondering if Evil Dead Rise would maintain the expected level of gore and violence of the series. The franchise immediately stands out from other films in the genre with the original film, which was considered an infamous splatter film at the time of release and was met with controversy and even banning in some territories. While no other evil Dead the film topped the ratings of the original, the series maintained its gory legacy with every entry, and Evil Dead Rise promises to continue the tradition when it releases on HBO Max later in 2022.

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