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By Dan Lawrence | 1 minute ago

Many know Grant Gustin best for his role as DC Comic’s speedster The Flash on the CW. However, his latest role is in Saved by Ruby over on Netflix. The film only hit the streamer on March 17, but has risen to the top three most watched films on the platform.

The film follows Grant Gustin as Dan, a state cop with ambitions to join the K-9 unit. Of course, the hurdle Dan has to overcome is that he needs a dog, and a dog that he finds in Ruby. A guardian animal, Ruby is known to be naughty but intelligent. Together, Dan and Ruby embark on a journey to achieve their respective dreams, for Dan to be a successful member of the K-9 search and rescue unit, and for Ruby to be part of a loving home.

The heartwarming story is also said to be based on a true story. According to Mommy Herald, Grant Gustin’s Dan is indeed based on the real life Rhode Island State Police Cpl. Daniel O’Neil and his K-9 partner Ruby, an Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix. The couple met in 2011 and still work together today. Daniel O’Neil now leads an 18-strong K-9 unit and said of his trusty companion, “It’s like divine intervention. She was given a chance and she did everything she could to repay it,” he said. “You have this dog that was abandoned and she changed the lives of so many people.” You can see the trailer below.

It sounds like Ruby is a real heroine, and if the film reflects only a fraction of her and Dan’s exploits, then it’s no wonder why that is Saved by Ruby runs well on Netflix. The American Humane Hero Dog Organization even named Ruby the nation’s “Search and Rescue Dog of the Year” in 2018. Grant Gustin’s version of Ruby is the performing dog-bear, another rescue animal reportedly saved from existence by the film’s trainers, lying down. This proves again that this film is a heartwarming story on both sides of the film camera.

Over on the film reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes you can get a clearer picture of how well the film is resonating with viewers. Currently Grant Gustin’s Saved by Ruby boasts an incredibly strong viewer rating of 88%. Which can only mean that this is a highly watchable flick for people’s home entertainment. As for the film’s critical reception, there haven’t been many reviews yet, so the jury might still be split on this particular dog film. Time may well paint a different picture as more reviews are sure to come out in the coming days.

However, both The Wrap and Screenrant have commented on the quality of the film. Former William Bibbiani notes that there are some particular criminal aspects to a family film that might leave parents with some uncomfortable questions to answer, but goes on to laud Grant Gustin’s performance as Dan as anchoring the film’s family-centric tone. Screenrant’s Rachel Labonte seems indecisive when it comes to it Saved by Ruby leading her check in the say; “Rescued by Ruby isn’t exactly a perfect or profound film, but it will bring smiles and tears to anyone who has cuddled a dog of their own.”

Labonte seems to have nailed what many will assume Netflix intended when they greenlit Rescued by Ruby. It’s a combination of a beloved TV star in Grant Gustin and the power of how much people love dogs is just what the doctor ordered in terms of family-friendly cinema. It might be low-hanging fruit, but Netflix’s end goal is to draw in viewers, and it certainly seems to have succeeded. Dog movies seem to be a trend of the moment, with Channing Tatums dog Recently in theaters, no awards to guess which side Tatum starred in this movie.

Naturally, Saved by Ruby is still in its infancy, but for Grant Gustin and his co-stars Scott Wolf, Kaylah Zander, Camille Sullivan and Tom McBeath, it’s off to a strong start on Netflix. The film is directed by Katt Shea, known for works like Nancy Drew and The Rage: Carrie 2. Grant Gustin is hoping the film’s success will continue, having already had a swing with CWs The Lightning. The Lightning is currently in the middle of its eighth season, with the next episode scheduled to air on March 23. That means there’s plenty of Gustin content for all of his fans, be they comic book obsessed, dog lovers, or both.

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