High gas prices interest in EVs, Stellantis new plants

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WWJ) — As the average cost for gas reaches $4.14 a gallon across Michigan, more consumers have turned to electric vehicles to help bring relief at the pump — but getting your hands on one will be tough.

WWJ’s Jeff Gilbert said GM hasn’t made a Chevy Bolt since the summer of 2021. Tesla is requiring new customers to order their EV and Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen just ramped up production, leading to high customer demand for very little product.

Sam Fiorani from Auto Forecast Solutions said electric vehicles are very hard to find and new customers may have to wait awhile to get a hold of one.

“Most vehicles are spoken for,” Fiorani said to WWJ’s Jeff Gilbert. “Dealerships we’ve surveyed have some EVs in stock, but it all depends on where you are and which dealerships have them.

Fiorani said electric vehicles make up about 3% of dealer inventory, but as gas prices peak, demand remains high.

“We’ve found that inventory is very low on EVs across the country and that’s mostly because manufacturers weren’t set up for $4 a gallon gas to suddenly spike,” Fiorani explained.

Electric vehicle availability should be more accessible in 2023, according to Fiorani.

The auto forecast comes on the heels of a new $4 billion electric battery plant Stellantis announced they will build in Windsor on Wednesday; it is the largest automotive investment in the Canada’s history.

WWJ’s Jeff Gilbert said the Windsor site is one of two plants the automaker plans to open, indirectly bringing jobs across the border to the United States and help with the EV shortage as the batteries made by Stellantis “will go into a number of electric vehicles. “

“Coming up in the coming weeks, we’ll have a second announcement for a second plant which will be in the US,” Stellantis North American Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart said on Wednesday.

In addition to the automaker’s announcement, WWJ’s Jeff Gilbert reported GM is building a new EV battery plant in Lansing and LG, Stellantis’ partner in Windsor, is expanding its battery plant on the westside of the state in Holland.

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