If your monthly Internet bill has you considering a life without it, oxio’s got your back

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Growing up in Baie Comeau, a small town in Quebec with a population of 10,000, Marc-André Campagna spent a lot of his time exploring all that the Internet had to offer. He was able to find a larger community online, and researching the tech companies and innovative startups in Silicon Valley piqued his curiosity.

Access to the Internet provided him with the opportunity to learn, explore, and communicate with others, and discover his passions—he saw it as the great equalizer. To Campagna, connection to the Internet was an essential service that everyone should have access to, not just those who can afford it.

In 2019, Campagna launched , a digital internet service provider (ISP) that strives to provide Canadians with high-speed Internet accompanied by customer support that’s actually nice to chat with, transparency, and fair pricing.

“When I was younger, the Internet allowed me to explore the world of tech—it’s one of the key factors that led me to where I am today,” says Campagna, CEO and cofounder of oxio. “My Internet connection in high school helped me realize my dream and that’s why this mission of being transparent and educating Canadians on the industry is so important to us.”

Historically, the relationships between customers and ISPs have been rocky at best. Most of them gouge your bank account each month and recite painfully scripted answers when you call looking for help.

But many people continue to pay obscene amounts for below average customer service and a spotty connection because without the Internet, they wouldn’t be able to work or live. They’d also have to function without regularly playing Sims 4 and Minecraft—it’s painful to even think about. Up until now, there really haven’t been any other options out there that were all that different.

Eager to change the way that Canadians connect with their ISP, oxio has been working to humanize technology by treating its customers like living, breathing people—shocking but true.

“Being digital allows us to save costs, which we can give back to our customers,” Campagna shares. “We’ve never increased a bill since the inception of the company. And with our in-house technology, we’re able to provide a more human approach to the telecom industry. We take the time to speak with our customers through messenger, email, or text message and can solve problems in less than five minutes—we’re the first ISP that people might actually like.”

In order to educate folks and expose the somewhat slimy telecommunications industry in Canada, oxio promises full transparency in every aspect of its business. The digital ISP breaks down the prices of each plan on its website, showing customers exactly what they are paying for. This includes network, logistics, hardware, marketing, payroll, and profit. After all, one step of providing equal access to anything is making sure people have the knowledge they need to actually change their minds.

“Transparency at oxio goes as deep as sharing the salaries internally of everyone who works here,” he reveals. “We’re pretty far down the rabbit hole of transparency and we have ambitions of becoming the most transparent company in the world.”

When it comes to finding an ISP, it’s never a one-size-fits-all scenario, which is why oxio offers several with sustainable prices—there’s no need to pawn your clarinet from Grade 9 band class.

It’s common for some of the larger ISPs in Canada to offer eye-catching introductory deals like unlimited Internet for $40 per month for the first six months. But once the six months are up, these companies are quick to jack the costs up because they say that they can’t sustain that price.

“Reducing overly profitable plans and being so transparent are two things that we’re doing to get our customers’ their money back but at the end of the day, our mission is to create equality of opportunity,” he says.

Back in August, the team at oxio realized it was making too much money on its 120 mbps plan so they lowered the price from $65 per month to $63 per month.

Pricing at oxio is not only sustainable and transparent, it’s also fair. There’s no negotiations, contracts, or fine print that looks as if it’s been written by an ant. Customers who sign up for the same plan at the same time will share the exact same pricing. It’s as simple as that.

“The way we see it is, the Internet connects people and when people are connected, they can learn and improve together, and do a lot of unexpected, cool stuff,” says Campagna. “We believe that the Internet is the great equalizer in society and everyone should have access to it. These days, it’s a utility. A lot of people can no longer live without an Internet connection and we want to provide it to as many people as we can.”

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