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In response to the conflict in Ukraine, Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures will not release their latest films in Russian cinemas.

The major Hollywood studios announced their decisions on Monday Russian Armed forces continued the attacks Ukrainian cities.

The decisions mean that superhero blockbuster The Batman stars Robert Pattinsoncomputer-animated fantasy comedy Turning Red and Sony’s Marvel Comics anti-hero Morbius will no longer be available to Russian audiences.

More than 70 Ukrainian soldiers “killed by Russian artillery” – follow the latest updates

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle and Pattinson as Batman in The Batman. Image: Jonathan Olley / DC Comics / Warner Bros.

Russia is a significant market for America – it accounts for about 3 percent of global ticket sales, or around £16 billion.

The moves follow the cancellation of Russian arts around the world, including performances of Russian ballets, concerts and various art exhibitions, as well as a ban on performing for this year’s Euro Vision Song Contest.

Sporting conviction has also been seen Russia undressed Champions League Final and be Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as national and association football teams banned from international competitions.

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violence continues anger across the regionand thousands of Ukrainian citizens have been forced to flee their homes across the country’s borders.

Warner Bros. announced it will pause the release of blockbuster The Batman “due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.”

It added: “We will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation. We hope for a speedy and peaceful resolution to this tragedy.”

Pixar's new animated film Turning Red
Pixar’s new coming-of-age animated film Turning Red

Alongside pausing the release of its films, Disney said it will work with its NGO partners to provide “urgent assistance and other humanitarian assistance” to refugees.

“Given the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the tragic humanitarian crisis, we are pausing theatrical releases of films in Russia, including Pixar’s upcoming Turning Red,” the company said in a statement released online.

“We will make future business decisions based on the evolving situation.

“Meanwhile, given the scale of the looming refugee crisis, we are working with our NGO partners to provide urgent assistance and other humanitarian assistance to refugees.”

Jared Leto plays a random vampire in Sony's Morbius
Jared Leto plays a random vampire in Sony’s Morbius

Sony Pictures said: “Given the ongoing military action in Ukraine and the resulting insecurity and humanitarian crisis in that region, we will pause our planned theatrical releases in Russia, including the upcoming release of Morbius.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected and we hope that this crisis will be resolved quickly.”

The star of the film Jared Leto has previously sent messages of solidarity to the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their country’s freedom.

“To my friends and family in Ukraine – it breaks my heart that this conflict has escalated in such a devastating way,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Please be very careful and be as safe as possible. Sending thoughts to you and your loved ones during this chaotic and disruptive time.

“I am confident that peace will prevail and non-violent solutions will eventually be found.”

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