Is Catherine Tate’s new film The Nan missing a creditworthy director?


The Nan Movie was filmed in 2019 for a 2020 release before the pandemic lockdown kicked in, starring Catherine Tate and the character of Nan she created for her TV show, along with her co-star from the series of skits, Matthew Horn. The film, written by Tate and Teddy Lasso‘S brett goldstein, is finally scheduled for release tomorrow. Catherine Tate made the UK chat show circuit like The One Show and Permissive women, appear in character. Warner Bros. PR reps have informed Bleeding Cool that there will be no press preview for the film; There was a screening a few days ago, but the press wasn’t invited. Like everyone else, if you want to review the film, you need to buy a ticket after the film’s release. This is not traditionally seen as an optimistic omen.

Warner Bros. Poster for the Nan film

Bleeding Cool also noted that the trailer was finally released just two weeks ago (below) and the accompanying low-res released poster (above) is missing a very important clue, that of the director, Josie Rourke. Rourke, best known as a stage director, having served as artistic director of London’s Bush Theater and Donmar Warehouse, directed the Oscar-nominated film Mary Queen of Scots in 2018. Credited as Director of The Nan Movie In all previous releases, Rourke has not posted anything about the film on her social media. And now, it seems, her name is no longer on the film’s poster and trailer credits as a director, but only as one of the executive producers. In her place is the legend “The Catherine Tate Film”. Not even an “Alan Smithee” substitute.

No Director Credit for Josie Rourke in Catherine Tate's The Nan Movie
Trailer screencap

Sometimes when a director’s name is missing or substituted with an incorrect name, it is a sign that there were creative disagreements within the production in that the director does not want his name associated with the final project. Classic examples are Jude Taylor is fade in, Don Siegel about the death of a gunslinger, Walter Huegel is supernova, and the most ironic Arthur Hiller is burn hollywood burn an alan smithee movie and a number of films when edited for television or airlines, such as Dune, Heat, Scent Of A Woman and Meet Joe Black. It is always the director’s decision as the studio is required by law to credit the director unless otherwise requested. It gets more complicated when multiple directors are working on a project [for example, like Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder on the theatrical cut of Justice League].

We haven’t seen the film yet – in fact, nobody has – but based on this evidence, it appears that something might have happened during some stage of production. At this stage, Warner Bros. is relying on people’s liking for the character and the performer to get them to see this film its opening weekend with no reviews or a supporting director to get them there. Bleeding Cool contacted Warner Bros. representatives and Josie Rourke several times about the matter earlier in the week, but we received no response.

Joan Taylor is a fictional character in The Catherine Tate Show on the BBC, created by Derren Litten and Catherine Tate in 2004, credited primarily as Nan. An obnoxious Cockney woman in her seventies or eighties, who often abuses and criticizes other people, is often visited by her well-behaved grandson. One of Catherine Tate’s most popular characters, she has morphed into her own BBC show and now her own film. The Nan Movie opens in UK and Irish cinemas from this Friday. Of course I have to buy a ticket now…

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