John Price contrasts Peacemaker with his WWE persona

Peacemaker star John Price contrasts his flawed DCEU antihero with his relentlessly virtuous WWE persona.

John Cena believes that modern audiences are more likely to invest in flawed, morally dubious characters like his DC Extended Universe anti-hero Christopher Smith/Peacemaker – who is a far cry from Cena’s relentlessly virtuous WWE character and his values ​​of hustle, loyalty and respect. “

Cena – who appeared as the Peacemaker in writer-director James Gunn’s 2021 DCEU film The Suicide Squad before reprising his role for the HBO Max spinoff series of the same name later this year – recently sat down with him GQ to discuss some of the iconic roles he’s played throughout his career, including the over-the-top version of himself that WWE fans have come to know over the past two decades.

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“The WWE version of John Cena has changed tremendously over the years — and for the past decade, I would say it’s been a character with a cornerstone of the virtue value system,” Cena said. “And often now audiences want to step behind a character who has flaws, like Peacemaker, who isn’t entirely steadfast in his value system and doesn’t quite work for rush, loyalty and respect – and the foundation of pure virtue. People want more depth in a character arc.”

The 16-time world champion continued, “In WWE we only play one role, but I kind of do it for everyone [my] Roles, be it Peacemaker or John Cena or whatever. I have to try to look inside myself and take moments from my real life and see how I felt and try to put that into a character.” “In keeping with his typical WWE performance, Cena elaborated: “I’m not exactly someone to kick in your front door and tear through your house in jean shorts and a t-shirt, ready to toss my hat on your parents and invite you to a Last Man Standing match — but I know what it means to be excited.

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Cena began training to be a professional wrestler in 1999 before signing a developmental deal with WWE (then known as WWF) in 2001. It was at this point that he began performing under the ring name The Prototype for the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) developmental territory. Cena officially debuted on the main roster of WWE under his real name on the June 27, 2002 episode of WWE knock down. They would arguably become the biggest WWE stars of the 21st century while also dipping his toes into the world of acting. After starring in WWE-produced films like The Navy and 12 roundsPrice eventually landed major roles in bigger-name films like bumblebee, F9 and of course, The Suicide Squad.

All eight episodes of peacemaker Season 1 is now streaming on HBO Max. The series has been renewed for season 2.

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