Judge questions full shutdown of Campbell power plant by 2025

PORT SHELDON — An administrative law judge has raised questions about Consumers Energy’s plan to shut down the entirety of the JH Campbell power plant in 2025.

The judge’s proposed order for the Michigan Public Service Commission recommends allowing the utility company to retire two of three units at the Campbell plant but rejects Consumers Energy’s plan to retire Unit 3 in 2025, saying the company must do more research before retiring the plant’s largest unit .

Consumers Energy in June unveiled its latest long-term energy plan, which included the early retirement of the Campbell plant previously scheduled to end operations in 2039.

The plan requires the sign-off of the Michigan Public Service Commission, which regulates Michigan utilities.

The company said by 2023 10 percent of its electricity would come from coal and by 2025 the company’s power would be completely coal-free if the plan is approved by the MPSC, making it one of the first utilities in the US to end coal use.

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