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Paramount has announced plans for a fourth Star Trek film set in the Kelvin universe with producer JJ Abrams. Now another member of the cast weighs in with a possible wrinkle. Karl Urban’s performance as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the three Kelvin Universe Star Trek films has received praise from fans and is poised to do more, but he may have an issue with his schedule.

Karl ready for more trek if his schedule allows it

Over the weekend, Karl Urban was at SXSW to promote the upcoming season of his Amazon Prime Video superhero series The young. During a cast chat with Variety, they spoke to the actor about the upcoming Star Trek project and, like Chris Pine, told Urban, they hadn’t seen that script for the film. The latest reports on the film say he is set to direct WandaVisionMatt Shakman, with the latest screenplay draft by Josh Friedman (avatar 2) and Cameron Squires (WandaVision), based on an earlier draft by Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess is a loser) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel).

Urban, who is a huge Trek fan himself, echoed co-stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana’s recent feelings about the anticipation of reuniting with the Trek cast, but when asked about his schedule, he told Variety that he might be busy:

I shoot The young until the end of the year. Well, I literally don’t know. I would love to work with these guys again. They are so much fun. The best sound. We will see.

Karl Urban as McCoy in Star Trek Beyond

Paramount has already set a release date for the next Star Trek movie for December 22, 2023, with Abrams planning to start filming this fall. Even if Urban is working on it The youngit is still possible to produce a Star Trek film at the same time, housing for actors working on two projects is not uncommon – for example during the production of 2009 star trekwhich Zoe Saladana was also working on avatar. But, The young will be filmed in Toronto, Canada. So if Chris Pine grants his wish and the next Star Trek is filmed in Los Angeles, it would make it difficult for Urban to do both. But Star Trek Beyond was filmed in Canada, and Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are also filmed in Toronto.

There’s also the practical thing that Urban’s The young Character Billy Butcher has a beard and is trying to digitally grow it for Dr. McCoy in Star Trek would be impractical and potentially creepy. However, there is precedent for McCoy having a beard in a film, as seen when he was “drafted.” Star Trek: The Movie. It would also be a nice gesture to give Urban’s Bones a fancy locket.

DeForest Kelley in Star Trek: The Movie

You can watch Variety’s discussion with Urban below.

Urban one The young

Here’s the new trailer released along with The young Panel at SXSW with Karl Urban and Jack Quaid (Boimler on Star Trek: Lower Decks). Attention: for adult viewers.

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