Kevin Smith wrote a Plastic Man screenplay for Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons

Kevin Smith recalls being commissioned to write a screenplay for a DC cartoon starring The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons as the Plastic Man.

employee Writer-director Kevin Smith says he was once hired to write a screenplay for a cartoon about DC’s Plastic Man, which would have played a lead role The big Bang Theory Starring alum Jim Parsons. Obviously, however, this project will never see the light of day.

“I was looking for an old photo in one of my old laptops and found a script for it plastic man that I wrote – for a plastic man Cartoon – like two years ago or something like that,” Smith said on a recent episode of him and Marc Bernardin Fatman beyond podcast. “I totally forgot about it — and they paid me to write it, and then they didn’t. And it was with, what’s his name, from The big Bang Theorydear fellow… Jim Parsons.”

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Smith stated that Parsons “will be the voice of Plastic Man.” The filmmaker continued, “Well, I looked at the script and I was like, ‘Wow man, they paid me to write this and it’s never going to happen.’ It happens all the time…Brian Lynch [writer of films like Hop, Puss in Boots and Minions]one of the most talented people I know – he’s a great writer like you [Bernardin]like, a zillion fucking great ideas a minute… for 10 fucking years before he did a single one of those movies, the motherfucker was making such a healthy living writing amazing screenplays no one’s ever seen.

Patrick “Eel” O’Brian / Plastic Man was created by Jack Cole and first appeared in police comics #1, published by Quality Comics in 1941. Patrick was a criminal who was shot in a botched heist, doused with chemical liquid and left for dead. The liquid gave him the ability to stretch his body, and the reformed crook became the superhero known as Plastic Man. Quality Comics closed its doors in 1956, and DC subsequently acquired the rights to Plastic Man. The character has since appeared as a member of the Justice League and more recently as The Terrifics.

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Plastic Man has also made a number of animated appearances over the past few decades and has appeared on television shows as well Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Justice League: Actionas well as in films like Teen Titans go! To the movies and injustice. A live action plastic man The film is in development, with Cat Vasko writing the script, although few other details are known about the project at the moment. When Smith is animated plastic man project would have progressed had the Parsons mentioned above not been the only ones big bang theory alum to provide the voice for a DC hero, with Kaley Cuoco currently playing HBO Max’s title character Harley Quinn Cartoon.

Smith is a stranger to the DC Universe himself, having worked in animated films such as voice acting Superman: apocalypse and Teen Titans: The Judas Contractin the latter he even portrays himself. In addition, Smith has directed several episodes of the live-action TV shows The Lightning and super girl for TheCW. More recently he provided the voice of Mervyn’s “Merv” Pumpkinhead in Audible’s radio play adaptation by Neil Gaimans The Sandman. Smith is also a stranger The big Bang Theoryafter guest-starring as himself in two episodes of the CBS sitcom.

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