Kraven the Hunter set video shows the Spider-Man villain in a frenetic chase

Videos from the set of Sony Pictures’ upcoming Spider-Man spinoff movie, Kraven the Hunter, show an actor in the middle of a high-speed car chase.

New videos from the set by Sony Kraven the Hunter shows the Spider-Man villain in a wild chase.

Both videos show the same scene depicting a high-speed car chase with one of the film’s actors clinging to the roof of the car. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the title character, Kraven the Hunter currently filming in London, England.

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In early March, Taylor-Johnson shared an update from production explaining that he was in England waiting to start his stunt training for the Spider-Man spinoff before filming began. “I’m in England, I’m not in London but just outside, near the production office [for Kraven the Hunter]’ said the actor. “I’m staying here because I have some stunt practice for this film, so the director and I break up for the next few weeks.”

Kraven the Hunter has been in development for years, but things started to move forward in 2018 after Richard Wenk was brought in to write the screenplay, with Art Marcum and Matt Holloway later joining him. Another addition at Sony Spiderman Villain Universe, the spin-off is directed by JC Chandor, who joined the project in 2020, and stars Taylor-Johnson. However, it remains unclear how Kraven the Hunter will fit into Sony’s larger Spider-Man universe.

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“We don’t really think of our 900 characters as the Spidey-Verse,” Sanford Panitch, president of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, said in 2021. “We have a Marvel Universe. The amount of characters we have – you know, wait ’til you see that next poison. You don’t miss Spider-Man… It’ll be exciting when they meet, right? There is indeed a plan. I think now it might be a bit clearer for people where we’re going and I think when No way home comes out will reveal more.”

Sony Pictures began its franchise of live-action Marvel spinoffs with films centered around Spider-Man villains beginning in 2018 poisonwith forthcoming installments including disease, Mrs. Netz and Kraven the Hunter. Sony recently added two Untitled Sony / Marvel Universe movies to its 2023 release schedule, which are expected to release on 6/23/2023, respectively. At the time, fans speculated that one of those movies could be the sequel Venom: Let there be carnage. Along with the recently announced ones Mrs. Netzshould also develop Sony The Dark Six and another Olivia Wilde film to star Spider-Woman.

Kraven the Hunter hits theaters in January. 13th, 2023.

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