Marcelo Bielsa opens up on Leeds United dressing room faith in his methods

Have you considered doing any differently defensively?

Any explanation I may give I try not to give excuses, but to explain. When you go through negative moments, any explanation you give is projected. What Isa di was in the positions of RCB, LCB and DM there are five players across those roles. Koch, Cooper, Llorente, Struijk and Phillips. The sixth player we have added is Hjelde. A young player. Leeds in their planning cannot have two players of a high level in every position. In the case of this role, we have five players and a sixth one, a young one. Of those six players, five were missing at the same time. That situation is resolved by Ayling as a CB and Forshaw as a DM. In a game like the last one the players that shone the most were those two. Against Man Utd, the same.

Sometimes a resolution of the problems depends on those who are available. Of course, you would have other arguments. Whether the marking is personal or not. If we should play in our half or the opponent’s half. If we should manage the ball less so we lose it less. All of the things when they came out well were praised. When they come out wrong, they claim it or demand it. Of course, that’s normal. What you are asking me is are we going to play in our own half, mark zonally, stop having management of the ball, by those paths are we going to improve our defensive function. For that you can also add defending the set-pieces better. In these four years, I have received criticisms or demanded exactly the same. In this case, a lot more justified as the consequences of what’s being done badly are a lot bigger. The same problems we have already suffered and been able to overcome them.

When you go through moments like this when the confidence is lost in the leader, which is natural and logical, how can I defend myself when the team has defended the most goals in the Premier League? Not all of the errors have happened for that to have happened. I daily try to resolve it. In the most difficult situation, I reiterate when you are the conductor in a bad situation nobody trusts in what you are saying. What I am sure of is if I stop doing what I believe in, which is what you are asking me, the situation will get even worse. If the question is not of changing how we proceed, but that our procedures work.

The proposal I believe in and if my function is to convince, if I cannot convince by trying to do procedures I don’t believe in. Anything I say in this moment the only thing it will generate is opinions against it. There are numerous resources to shorten the difference between you and the opponent that can be utilized, but we never utilize it because I think you have to interpret footballing a different way. I insist anything I say now will be read as an excuse or criticized ferociously . With the ferociousness deserved at the moment. Of one thing I am convinced, what I will try is to do what we do but better. Not abandoning procedures that have come out with practice. How I think the sporting crisis is resolved. Anything I say now I am already imagining the response that discredit what I say. Of course, I have been doping this job for a long time and seen this dialogue many times. If I answer with short answers because anything I say will get the strong response we have conceded more than 50 goals or exceptional responded to exceptional situations.

I know I have no options to be exempt through my responses. What corresponds, and it’s good, is to generate results.


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