Marisa Tomei mentions “an affiliation with Ant-Man” while discussing Aunt May’s MCU return

Spider-Man: No Way Home star Marisa Tomei opens up about Aunt May’s possible return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after her tragic death.

After playing Peter Parker’s Aunt May in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for half a decade, actress Marisa Tomei seemingly said goodbye to her on-screen nephew Spider-Man: No Way Home. Despite her tragic death, Tomei has recently expressed her willingness to return and believes it is far from the realm of possibility.

Speaking of The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonTomei said, “I’d love to come back and be a part of it [of the multiverse].” She added, “There’s history too. May Parker reunites with Ant-Man in one of them…there are more avenues to explore.” It’s uncertain which story she’s referring to, but what is clear is her willingness to return to the role, and even that Unlikeliest dive of stories.

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Aunt May helped Spider-Man in the hit film as the superhero attempted to cure supervillains from across the multiverse of their ailments. Unfortunately, after Green Goblin inspired the majority of the supervillain group to embrace their evil and superpowers, the situation exploded into chaos, ending with the death of Aunt May, whose last words gave Spider-Man his version of an iconic character moment: “with great power.” comes great responsibility.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home Author Erik Sommers previously revealed that Aunt May’s heartbreaking death scene was almost entirely different. “We had an idea that it was going to be in an ambulance, and we had a whole version constructed around it,” Sommers said, “but that wasn’t practical for filming while COVID was happening, so we had to physically approach the scene.” move to another location while trying to keep all other elements working and we had to make adjustments.

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The Marvel Studios film was a significant release for a number of reasons. It not only formed the conclusion of the current trilogy Spiderman movies and leave Peter Parker in a whole new place, No way home reunited three different, established iterations of the superhero and brought back actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield after about a decade as Parker. Her future in the MCU is uncertain.

Maguire is rumored to be returning as Spider-Man at least once Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The rumor comes from a social media post by Portuguese voice actors. It should be noted that these rumors have not been officially confirmed and no announcements have been made regarding Tobey Maguire.

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