Mel Gibson’s next film is coming out earlier than expected

By James Brizuela | 22 seconds ago

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there have been a large number of films that have been delayed due to a variety of issues. Now it seems we’ve turned a corner together and the new film starring Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg has moved up the ranks. Sony Pictures announced that the new film Father Stu, is moving from an April 15 release to an April 13 release. The film was essentially due out on Good Friday but has now been pushed back to this Wednesday. You can check out the trailer below:

Father Stu follows the life of Stuart Long, a former boxer-turned-priest. Throughout his life, Stu tries and fails with many career decisions, including a desire to be an actor. After nearly killing himself in a horrific motorcycle accident, Stu changes direction and turns his attention to the priesthood. Though unconventional in his practices and considered rough-and-tumble by his Catholic community, he inspired many along the way. Mark Wahlberg plays the title role of Stu, while Mel Gibson will play father Bill Long. This film could have some high Oscar implications. Wahlberg apparently heard this story over dinner with two priests and was inspired to make it. He put his own money into the production of the film.

Although Mel Gibson has done a lot more underground movies lately, Father Stu looks like the kind of story that will see the man return to bigger roles in Hollywood. Rosalind Ross is Gibson’s partner and this will be her directorial debut. Ross has a shorter resume in the writing world, but from the trailer it looks like she’s ready to take on the bigger pictures. Both Gibson and Wahlberg appear to be the perfect couple as father and son. Wahlberg is no stranger to producing, having endorsed shows like entourage, ballerand McMillions. He has also produced films in which he has starred, including The player, The fighterand The night is ours.

The cast has some renowned actors associated with it. Mel Gibson won an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director for brave heart. Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver will also star alongside Gibson and Wahlberg Father Stu. She was nominated for her roles in Best Supporting Actress animal kingdom and silver linings Playbook. Mark Wahlberg was twice nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor The departed and Best Picture for The fighter. While it’s too early to tell, this could be a film where all three are nominated in some way.

The original idea was to release the film on Good Friday as it revolves around the Catholic Church and religion, but it appears to be the newest Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore The film is also scheduled to be released on April 15th. The move from Father Stu by Wednesday might be a strategy for the film to do a little better at the box office given how much people love with everything Harry Potter-tied together. Fans of Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg can check it out Father Stu Theatrical release on April 13th.

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