Netflix’s The Adam Project Review: What’s It About? Is it ok if kids watch?

A bit of bogus science, lots of time travel and some action sequences, that’s what the new Netflix film “The Adams Project” is all about. Well, mostly anyway.

The story revolves around a renegade time traveler, Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, who tries to save the future but accidentally ends up in 2022 instead of 2018. He goes to his old home and stumbles upon his mini-me, played by Walker Scobell, who breaks the one great rule of time travel as seen in the Back to the Future movies: you can’t see your younger self meet.

Reynolds’ character recruits his 12-year-old self into his quest to – spoiler alert – end time travel once and for all.

The cast is star-studded and includes Jennifer Garner as Adam’s mother and Mark Ruffalo as his father and the inventory of time travel.

Zoe SaldaƱa (Guardians of the Galaxy) plays Adam’s wife and Catherine Keener (Seinfeld) plays his villain.

The film draws inspiration from older Hollywood hits

The film manages to honor genre-breaking sci-fi like ET the Extra-Terrestrial and Flight of the Navigator, wrote Glen Weldon for NPR.

Adam’s lightsaber-like weapon is reminiscent of Star Wars, and the classic rock soundtrack resembles songs from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ruffalo and Garner’s couple-casting screams “13 Going 30,” which they were also in together, immediately reassured audiences of a chemistry already there.

Written by four screenwriters – Jonathan Tropper, TS Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin – that may be why The Adam Project is covered from top to bottom with nostalgic references that help viewers connect with the film feel.

“The Adam Project” and the Science of Time Travel

As Adam and Mini-Adam jump through different timelines, they appear to break most of the rules of time travel. First, the two Adams hang out. Second, the elder Adam tells the younger Adam everything!

The film acknowledges that the two Adams hang out can Unraveling the space-time continuum, but that never happens, as becomes apparent in the end, where everything stays mostly the same, but better – young Adam is nicer to his mother, for example.

“Is… is this time travel?” asks Ruffalo in the film. Whether it is so or not, it is clear that the film does not delve into scientific explanations.

Instead, it dwells on one-liners from the runaway time-traveling duo and emotional confrontations over the loss of their father.

Is it ok if kids watch?

As the film is intended for ages 14+, expect some swearing, kissing, and sexual innuendo.

There’s also plenty of deadly combat with soldiers wearing futuristic armor and wielding weapons like guns, tasers, and lightsabers. A fight results in a bloody wound. In one scene, a car overturns and explodes.

The film stars Reynolds, which is perhaps why it’s packed with sarcastic humor. But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine as the two Adams come to terms with the death of their father and reveal the underlying meaning of family.

Reynolds’ character sets a positive example and shows the younger Adam what personal sacrifice, courage and empathy can look like.

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