No Way Home was a “stupid idea” at first.

When Andrew Garfield was first approached for the MCU’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, they thought it was a “stupid idea” to cast him in the film.

Andrew Garfield’s first reaction when approached to play Spider-Man: No Way Home wasn’t entirely optimistic – in fact, they called the film a “stupid idea”.

Garfield spoke about his experience appearing in the record-breaking Marvel Cinematic Universe film during an interview on The Graham Norton Show. When asked, “Did it feel like a risky thing to do?” the actor readily admitted, “Yeah, it was a…stupid Idea.” He continued laughing, “It was a really, really scary thing to try, yeah!”

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Obviously, the risk wasn’t high enough for Garfield to refuse to try, but he clarified his initial concerns, citing his age and distance from the character of Spider-Man. “Especially just the costume,” he remarked. “A 38-year-old man in spandex — you know.” Norton called the signature superhero costumes “unforgiving,” and Garfield agreed, “They are. It was intimidating, very intimidating.”

No way home delighted Spidey fans by not only bringing back Garfield’s version of Peter Parker, but also his own predecessor, Tobey Maguire. The actors, each in turn making their own headlines Spiderman Film franchise, alongside the MCU’s current Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland. The story in Holland’s young hero attempts to erase his secret identity from the world’s memories, leading to a collapse of the barriers of the multiverse and merging different realities.

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Garfield and Maguire’s involvement has been the subject of intense speculation and much leaks, but the fact that the two actors reprized their versions of Spider-Man for the film has been largely successfully kept secret. Garfield and Maguire have steadfastly denied the rumors to this day No way home came out in theaters, although both admitted to struggling with it. Ultimately, working on the film together seems to have been a comfortable bonding experience for all three Spider-Men.

The daring plot and ambitious cast paid off No way home, making the film a critical and commercial success. It recently surpassed $760,988 million in the US to become the third highest-grossing domestic box office of all time, dethroning James Cameron avatar.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently in cinemas. The film will be available to stream on Starz sometime over the next six months.

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