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In this issue, director Matt Reeves explains the methods behind the madness of Robert Pattinson’s daring wingsuit escape in The Batman. Also, the folks at Honest Trailers have a lot to say about Ryan Reynolds’ family-friendly video game-based comedy Free Guy. Finally, ‘Scream’ star Courteney Cox sits down to take to the wings of death in the latest installment of the sultry interview series ‘Hot Ones.’

Break open one of The Batman’s best scenes

Director Matt Reeves had a fantastic cinematic take on the Caped Crusader, and in this New York Times “Anatomy of a Scene” video, the filmmaker explained the creative choices behind a scene where Batman and Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) try to find one Find out how to get Batman out of police custody. Batman ends up using a hidden wingsuit to leap out of the skyscraper they’re in, but it’s a harrowing escape that doesn’t have the collected cool of previous Batmans. It was important to Reeves that this Batman was clearly overhead and flying past the seat of his pants, and to convey that we’re given a series of quick perspective shots that show us what it’s like to be the Dark Knight. The scene is absolutely dominant, both in the context of the film and on its own, and hearing Reeves’ rationale for his directorial decisions is extremely insightful.

Check out the Honest trailer for Free Guy

The Honest Trailers series at Screen Junkies seeks to tell their version of the brutally honest truth about movies, and their skewering of the video game-inspired comedy Free Guy is a belittling of brands that is, well, on-brand. This latest “Honest Trailer” pokes fun at the “Free Guy” while admitting that there’s a lot to love, even in the things we laugh at. It’s perfectly fine to point out that Ryan Reynolds is simply playing different versions of Ryan Reynolds in whatever he’s in, as long as you admit there’s a reason they can get away with it. (Seriously, did he sell his soul to the devil or something? Nobody’s that charming, handsome, and talented!)

Courteney Cox takes on hot wings and hotter questions

Last but not least, in the First We Feast series Hot Ones, actress Courteney Cox wears the wings of death to promote her new Starz series Shining Vale. If you’ve never heard of “Hot Ones,” it’s the incredible interview series that sees celebrities eat 10 increasingly spicy hot wings while answering questions from host Sean Evans, who is also eating the flaming hot wings. Cox treats the wings like champ, especially for someone who admits she doesn’t eat a lot of spicy food, and she gives some incredibly candid answers about her life and career. She’s a fun guest and one of the few I’ve seen that makes Evans nervous, so be sure to check this out!

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