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Ready for the biggest and most confusing night on the movie calendar? The 2022 Oscars are fast approaching, bringing the full-fledged return of Hollywood’s most notable awards show, packed with stars, surprises and weird bits you’ll think you’ve been hallucinating watching at 1am in the UK. The nominees have been announced, the rumors are swirling and all that remains is the ceremony itself, which will take place on Sunday 27th March – and is sure to be packed with all the continent’s unforgettable moments.

It wouldn’t be the Academy Awards without a slew of random celebrity cameos, unexpected wins and weird speeches — so here are ten things not to miss at the 2022 Academy Awards. There will be Bond. There will be Beyoncé. And now more importantly, there will be Bruno…

1) A real, real Oscars

Don’t get us wrong – the 2021 ceremony had a lot to offer. Remember Chloé Zhao’s beautiful speech about how humans are inherently good at birth and the part where Frances McDormand howled at the moon? And when Daniel Kaluuya mentioned his parents having sex in his acceptance speech for best supporting actor? All of that was great. But it was always destined to go down as the “Covid Oscars,” with a smaller attendance and a looser feel. We’re not quite done with the pandemic, but 2022 should bring an Oscars show in full force – glitzy celebs, plenty of appearances, and far fewer Zoom calls.

2) The encanto cast performing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

No, it’s not nominated (because it wasn’t submitted for the Best Original Song category), but that’s not stopping them Encanto gang that bring the film’s catchy tune to the stage. This one should be wild – it’s not a ballad or a solo song, but a massive ensemble number with overlapping harmonies and little performance quirks that beg for inventive staging. Just make sure you know the words beforehand (-no-no-no).

3) Cut comments cutting categories for TV

It wouldn’t be the Oscars without some sort of controversy — and this year it was brewing itself weeks before the show. Several categories were cut for the time on television, including editing, scores, sound, production design, and make-up & hairstyling. They know all the things that go into making a film, Oscar-worthy or not. Understandably, filmmakers are pissed — with all sorts of big names (Steven Spielberg, Jessica Chastain, Guillermo del Toro, Jane Campion, and James Cameron, to name a few) speaking out against the decision. It’s sure to lead to some sharp acceptance speeches on the evening itself, so watch out for any backlash on the evening itself.

4) A chaotic result in the public vote for fan favorites

If category cutting is all about boosting ratings, so does another part of this year’s show – the addition of the publicly voted Oscars fan favorite. That was a controversial decision in itself (isn’t it a bit condescending to have a One for You award for viewers to recognize the kind of films the Academy deems unworthy?), but it should be cause an entertaining havoc at night. With internet fandom, the Camila Cabello lead is what it is Cinderella quickly began leading the way as voting opened before the Zack Snyder crush rallied behind him Army of the Dead. And then the fans of a certain troubled actor began to vote for him in droves Minamata… Most likely, Spider-Man: No Way Home will likely snag this one – but nothing is guaranteed when it comes to a public vote.

5) Billie Eilish and Beyoncé performing live

How’s that for a live cast: Billie Eilish and Beyoncé both grace the same bill. Well, it’s not this year’s Glasto – they’ll both take the Oscars stage, the former for her no time to die theme song, and the latter for her King Richard Song “Be Alive”. That’s some serious star power. Oh, and if Queen B makes requests, can we please have a blast of “Formation” too?

no time to die

6) The tribute to the Godfather and James Bond

There are some serious cinematic anniversaries this year – 60 years of Bond on the big screen and 50 years of Bond The Godfather. And the academy intended to pay tribute to both at this year’s ceremony, but what that means remains to be seen. How about a dance number with all the biggest Bond villains (who doesn’t want Jaws to do that? Dirty dancing elevator with Oddjob?) and a kazoo orchestra performing the Godfather Waltz? We know a few people who could help with the latter.

7) Lin-Manuel Miranda may get his EGOT

Let’s not jinx it, but the only thing Lin-Manuel Miranda is missing from his EGOT is the Oscar—and if Encanto‘s heartbreaking ballad ‘Dos Oruguitas’ wins Best Original Song, it will officially be in the most acclaimed club Hollywood has to offer. If only the Academy had shown more love Tick, tick… boom! and in the heights (deprived, deprived shall we say!), he would have even more chances. What if he doesn’t get it? Well, next year he will have new original songs The little mermaid Submit.

Lin Manuel Miranda

8) Drums by Travis Barker

Yes, you read that right – Blink-182’s drummer will be bringing his insane sense of rhythm to the Oscars. He is part of the house band, which also includes singer Adam Blackstone from Sheila E., Robert Glasper and Oscars. All together now: “In the car, I can’t wait to pick you up for our Oscar date…”

9) Tony Hawk presents an award

Do you know what the Oscars have been missing in the past? A legendary skateboarder with the power to spin 900 degrees. Well, 2022 balances that out with the fact that Tony Hawk is presenting an award; Kick flipping and nose grinding tbc. Here’s hoping it won’t be anything like his cameo donkey forever, who saw him covered from head to toe in seagull blots from a huge monster cock. You never know, but they do are trying to shake things up this year. As the man himself puts it:

10) A really close race for the best picture

Yes, all the bells and whistles and the songs and the skateboarders are fun – but the real reason we’re tuning in is to celebrate cinema, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty unpredictable Oscars. It seemed so until a few days ago The power of the dog was the clear leader – but was then caught up KODA at the Writers Guild and Producers Guild Awards, snagging the biggest prizes and boosting his odds. However, neither is exactly a head-turner – it has also attracted a lot of attention Belfast as the sweet spot of Oscar-kindness dip while Westside Story might be just what the All-American Academy wants to celebrate. Come on, who doesn’t love the full tilt Spielberg? Controversy, chaos and competition – it should be an Oscar to remember.

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