PEACEMAKER Director James Gunn Reveals How He Made THE SUICIDE SQUAD’s Biggest Asshole So Likeable (Exclusive)

Christopher Smith was far from it The Suicide Squadmost likeable character, and filmmaker James Gunn has now explained how he makes fans sympathize with the anti-hero peacemaker

The Suicide Squad introduced a new Task Force X, and while there was one a lot of of victims was not Christopher Smith. After killing Rick Flag (all in the name of peace, of course), the anti-hero survived a pitched confrontation with Bloodsport and lived to fight another day… in his own TV series!

peacemaker delves deep into what moves the character, revealing more about his tragic past and making it clear he’s not the villain many of us thought he was. In fact, Smith has all the makings of a great superhero, even if he has a tendency to be an asshole.

We caught up with writer/director James Gunn over the weekend to talk about it peacemaker ahead of Sky Max / NOW launch tomorrow. In the video below, you can listen to the filmmaker as he explains how he ensures this character grows into a person fans can relate to, aptly describing the former Suicide Squad member as “a guy whose soul was truly saved by rock ‘n’ roll.”

With a second season confirmed, Gunn has plenty of time to explore this character on screen, and these comments provide a fascinating insight into who Peacemaker really is.

Peacemaker is available March 22nd on Sky Max and the streaming service NOW with an Entertainment membership.

Come out The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker isn’t the most likable character. When this penultimate episode comes along and he falls to his knees and cries, my heart broke for this guy, meaning you and John [Cena]what was the key to making sure the audience would embrace it and not reject it from what we’ve seen before?

Well I really think it’s not about… authenticity and really and truly portraying a person as they are emotionally is what matters. I feel like people now have compassion unless they’re sociopaths. And sometimes, even then, you sympathize with them, as is the case with Vigilante. For the most part, I think that when you see the emotional reality of someone, no matter what an asshole they are, you feel compassion for that person. For me it was just about seeing who Peacemaker was.

I knew I loved the guy. I knew I felt sorry for him and I knew he was trapped in what he called toxic masculinity. He is trapped in this world imposed by his father who forced him to be a certain way, but at heart he is an artist. He’s the guy we see playing the piano at the end of episode six. This is Peacemaker, and yet it becomes something else entirely.

He’s a guy whose soul was truly saved by rock ‘n’ roll. He’s a guy who had this white racist father and the only thing he could do to rebel and have his own spirit was live for Motley Crew and Def Leppard. That was his ultimate form of rebellion, but also his way of maintaining himself and who he is to a certain extent. I think if I loved him I always thought other people would probably fall in love with him too.


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