Resident Evil at 20: A good or bad zombie movie?

HR: Criticizing a zombie sci-fi horror based on a game for being derivative is like criticizing a sandwich for having bread in it! And right now, as the world sings the praises The Batman for how to be Se7en and zodiacor when joker came out it was an “oooo great it’s like a Scorsese tee Movie!” seems particularly unfair. However it’s been said, there’s nothing new under the sun, and taking inspiration from movies Anderson likes isn’t a crime. In fact, he’s a self-confessed Ridley Scott fan ( although I would agree that this is more to thank for foreigner than Scott’s original).

Second, on your point about nostalgia – well, we were all of a “certain” age in 2002, but I’m assuming you mean a teenager. which I wasn’t. I remember seeing the movie at the time and liking it, and also, for the record, not all of it resi Sequels are bad, I have a weakness for that die out… Although that wasn’t actually directed by Anderson, but still …

Anyway, no to the simple nostalgia angle, I checked it out again on Sunday and it’s holding up. It may be true that some teenagers liked Alice because she was a pretty girl. But I like Alice because she’s the hero. She’s an environmentalist trying to take down a huge corporation. She is a fighter who is only “taken to safety” in the first half of the film due to memory loss. She refuses to kill Michelle Rodriguez’ Rain even though it would keep her and the remaining team members safe. She’s powerful, good, honorable, and cool, and Jovovich has great screen presence. We celebrate many male stars for being talented martial artists and stunt performers and she deserves her contribution here too.

She may be following in Ripley’s footsteps, but others have since joined her ranks, and we don’t get mad at Furiosa for having some of Ripley’s DNA. There just aren’t nearly as many badass female protagonists (certainly back in 2002, but still today), so the similarities are striking. Find me a female genre protagonist who *doesn’t* compare to Ripley in one way or another, or a female-led genre franchise that’s not hot extraterrestrial‘s Shadow and I will give you a nice smile and general happiness. And you seriously don’t think Newt was the first scary little kid in a horror movie, I presume?

Films pick up on other films. I mean, the number of films that tip a hat Die Hard are legion (here are 16 movies that are “Die Hard on a…”). foreigner, The Matrix, Jurassic Park, X-Menand speed – jaaaaahhhh!!! Isn’t that a movie you want to see???

Now I can’t say if this movie lives up to the games. I just played consistently Resident Evil Zero and I kept getting stuck in places that aren’t in the movie (a point for the movie!). So I’m willing to admit if people wanted this movie to be a bunch of things because of the games: I feel sorry for you. It happens to me too. I hated the Baz Luhrmann Great Gatsby So you know I feel your pain But as a standalone fun sci-fi horror, resident Evil is decent and in no way deserves the hate.

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