Robert Pattinson made the same bat voice mistake as Christian Bale

Every Dark Knight needs their own bat voice, and in developing his for The Batman, Robert Pattinson says they made the same mistake as Christian Bale.

The newest Dark Knight, Robert Pattinson, says he fell into the same trap as Christian Bale when developing his Bat-Voice The Batman.

When asked how long it took to create his bat voice of late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, Pattinson explained that his first attempt didn’t go well. “I actually found out a funny thing about it because I wanted to do something radically different from all the other Batman [sic] and I started out in a way — I just thought, because everybody has that kind of rugged, gritty thing — I think I’m going to do the opposite and really whisper. And I tried it for the first two weeks and it just looked absolutely horrible. And they told me to stop it.”

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However, Pattinson wasn’t the first actor to try something so unusual. “But then I found out from Nick, who put me in my suit every day, that Christian Bale did Batman begins too,” he said. And if you listen to the first one Batman begins Teaser trailer, you can hear the original voiceover and I only found this out a few weeks ago. In order to, [it’s] kind of interesting.” The actor also said he knew when he found the right bat voice.” You can feel when it feels right. You put the suit on and you have to speak a certain way.”

The bat voice is an important part of the Batman character and is used by Bruce Wayne not only to intimidate the villains he arrests, but also to protect his identity. A recent trailer for The Batman gave fans their best chance yet to hear Pattinson’s bat voice in action, to near-universal praise.

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Pattinson recently spoke of how difficult it was to keep up the voice in some of the film’s longer scenes. He cited keeping his voice at an artificially lower pitch as the main cause of the problem and explained this The Batman has “long dialogue scenes as Batman, which is quite unique among many other films in the series”. Maintaining the voice was such a problem that Pattinson said when it came to recording additional dialogue in post-production that he “couldn’t even re-record the voice, it had gone completely back to normal.”

You can hear Pattinson’s bat voice when The Batman hits theaters on March 4th.

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