Robert Pattinson outed Tom Holland in Spider-Man costume on the set of Lost City of Z

Batman star Robert Pattinson recalls No Way Home’s Tom Holland wearing a Spider-Man costume while filming The Lost City of Z.

The Batman Star Robert Pattinson revealed that Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s Tom Holland got into the role early on by wearing a Spider-Man costume during filming the Lost City Z.

Pattinson spoke about Holland’s fashion choices during his performance Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “I actually worked with Tom Holland,” Pattinson told host Jimmy Kimmel. “I made this film called The Lost City Z years ago and he was, I don’t think he had even been cast as Spider-Man and he was wearing a Spider-Man outfit when I was making this film. He really manifested that part. He wore – I swear to God! We’ve been to Colombia and I’m 99 percent sure he hasn’t been cast yet.”

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When asked by Kimmel if Holland was wearing a costume or just a Spider-Man t-shirt, Pattinson clarified by saying, “No, it looked like an actual costume. And we were like in the middle of nowhere in Colombia. And with no – no one around. No one witnessed that except me.”

published in 2016, The Lost City Z starred Pattinson and Holland alongside Charlie Hunnam and Sienna Miller and told the true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett as he searched Brazil for an ancient lost city. Filming began on August 19, 2015, and Holland’s role in the film was announced the same day. That was almost two months after the announcement that The Netherlands had landed the role of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Pattinson’s appearance is Jimmy Kimmel Live was to promote the upcoming release of The Batman He joins a long list of actors to have portrayed The Dark Knight on the big screen, from Michael Keaton to Ben Affleck. In a previous interview, Pattinson said he was advised not to watch beforehand Batman movies, he did it anyway.

“I thought I’d seen all the other films and they’re incredibly familiar to me and I like all the other films,” he said. “It’s not like you’re trying to save a dead character. I mean, these are all really, really good performances. And I’ve looked at a lot of them beforehand, just to see where there’s a gap and something that hasn’t really been explored.”

Watching the previous Batman/Bruce Wayne footage helped Pattinson find a new way to play the character. Instead of depicting a billionaire playboy as Wayne and a dark vigilante as the Caped Crusader, Pattinson described his character as a little stranger. “He doesn’t have a Playboy personality at all, so he’s kind of a crackpot as Bruce and a crackpot as Batman,” Pattinson said. “But that means he had a little breakdown. But that’s what he does, it doesn’t even work.”

The Batman hits theaters on March 4th.

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