Ryan Reynolds hires Christopher Lloyd to promote a new time travel movie

Ryan Reynolds asks Mark Ruffalo and Dr. Emmett Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, to promote the Adam Project with an “epic” commercial.

Ryan Reynolds asks Mark Ruffalo and Dr. Promote Emmett Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd The Adam Project with aepos”Announcement of Daylight Saving Time Public Service. Reynolds has proven to be one of Hollywood’s busiest actors since his last appearance Dead Pool in 2018. Following the streaming success of Red noticewith whom the 45-year-old actor has reunited free guy Director Shawn Levy for the Netflix time travel extravaganza, The Adam Project.

The Adam Projects Inside Reynolds stars as Adam Reed, a 2050 pilot who travels back to 2022 and bonds with his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell). Together, the couple and their estranged father (Mark Ruffalo) must fend off a horde of robots, save the future and confront some family troubles. The highly anticipated film also stars Zoe Saldaña, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener and Alex Mallari Jr.


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with The Adam Project Now available on Netflix, Reynolds shared a PSA about time travel, or rather Daylight Saving Time, on his YouTube channel. As people prepare to lose an hour this weekend, Reynolds has enlisted Ruffalo — another actor who’s time-travelled as a superhero — to introduce someone.who knows a thing or two about the time.” Check out the hilarious clip below:

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Lloyd famously played ‘Doc’ Brown in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future Trilogy. Brown is the “wild-eyed scientist” who built the first time machine from the now-iconic 1981 Delorean sports car, which he and Michael J. Fox ‘Marty’ McFly use to navigate the past, present and future. Until the release of The Adam Projectto which Reynolds compared his film Back to the Futuresaying The Adam Project is reminiscent of the early years of Steven Spielberg’s production company Amblin Productions/Entertainment, which among other things produced classics ET (1982), The Goonies (1985) and of course Back to the Future (1985). Lloyd’s inclusion in The Adam ProjectThe marketing campaign of is not only appropriate but truly epic.

Of the Dead Pool franchises and Detective Pikachu to free guy‘Reynolds’ company, Maximum Effort, typically directs the marketing campaign for his films. As is the case above The Adam Project‘s Marketing wrote Reynolds’ signature humor. Similarly, Reynolds made his tongue-in-cheek debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Korg in a promotional video for free guy last year. After the already enthusiastic response to The Adam ProjectReports have indicated that Levy will be directing at Marvel Studios. dead pool 3. To quote Lloyd: “life is about moving forward. Levy and Reynolds might as well benefit from their creative dynamics in the MCU.

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