Ryan Reynolds offers a brief but hopeful update on the sequel

With the tremendous success, both critical and commercial, of the first two Dead Pool Movies, it’s no wonder every time Ryan Reynolds conducts an interview, someone will sneak a question over dead pool 3. After all, the character is still incredibly popular, and I’d argue that the lack of screen time made Deadpool’s return even more anticipatory, especially since Marvel fans want to know how the character will enter the Marvel Universe. Also since then Kevin Feig announced that when the Merc with a Mouth enters the MCU, it will be the first character to get an R-rated movie.

While some may be wondering why Marvel would consider merging an R-rated film into their hugely successful PG-13 franchise, I’ll give you a simple answer: $1.56 billion. That’s how much money the first two Dead Pool Movies filmed at 20th Century Fox before Marvel could control the character. Now that the character is under the Feige and Marvel umbrella, the possibilities are endless in terms of what the future could hold. As a long time fan of Dead PoolI can’t wait to see him interact with Doctor Strange and Thor, or Spider-Man and Deadpool debate something funny on the streets of New York City.


have in the last few months dead pool 3 News was very quiet. When I last spoke to Reynolds in August 2021 Free guy, he told me the script was coming and it had a decent change to be filmed in 2022. But nothing since that time. No release date. No director. No updates.

But that could change soon.

Still from Deadpool with Deadpool reading a letter.

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I was able to speak to Reynolds and the director the other day Shawn Levy for her amazing new Netflix film, The Adam Projectand inquired about the Dead Pool Consequence. The main reason I brought it up was to ask if they had talked about working on it together. The fact is, the two have made two excellent films (Free guy and The Adam Project), they have an amazing relationship both on and off screen and since Levy has never done a comic book movie I could see he wanted to do one.

So when I asked the two if they had talked about it dead pool 3 together Reynolds told me:

“We talk about pretty much everything, but saying this on this particular topic, I’m hoping to have a bunch of updates on that sooner rather than later. That way I’ll be able to go into things about Deadpool a little more clearly and definitively later on. ”

While Reynolds clearly didn’t want to share anything right now, it sure seems like news dead pool 3 is on the horizon. Will it be the highly-anticipated release date and who might be directing the sequel? I’m not sure. Hopefully we’ll know more sooner rather than later.

Finally, if you haven’t seen the trailer for The Adam Project, you can watch it below. As we get closer to the March 11 release date, I’ll be posting more of my conversation with Reynolds and Levy, and post-release you can expect a spoiler-filled conversation about some of my favorite scenes in the film.

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