Sam Rockwell is a pickpocket in the trailer for the new Heist movie The Bad Guys

By Douglas Helm | 13 seconds ago

Sam Rockwell is a man of many talents, and it looks like his next role will be a pickpocket. Well, not him Absolutely, because it will be animated. The Bad Boys is the latest animated feature from Dreamworks and stars Sam Rockwell as he meets the leader of the ragtag heist crew, Mr. Wolf. The trailer also introduces us to the rest of the heist crew.

Alongside Sam Rockwell we meet safe cracker Mr. Snake (Marc Maron), hacker Ms. Tarantula (Awkwafina), muscle piranha (Anthony Ramos) and master of disguise Mr. Shark (Craig Robinson). Zazie Beetz also stars as Diane Foxington and Richard Ayoade as Professor Marmalade, the trailer’s guinea pig who teaches the bad guys how to be good. Check out Sam Rockwell in the latest trailer The Bad Boys under:

Along with Sam Rockwell and the others, the voice for The Bad Boys is rounded out by Alex Borstein and Lilly Singh. Directed by Pierre Perifel and written by Etan Cohen, Hilary Winston and Aaron Blabey. Aaron Blabey wrote the children’s books on which the film is based and is also serving as executive producer.

The second trailer for The Bad Boys also gives us some more details of the story. In the trailer, Sam Rockwell’s Mr. Wolf and the rest of his crew are caught in one of their heists. Instead of being locked up, it looks like they’ll get a chance to redeem themselves and become good guys instead of always being known as the antagonists. While the original plan makes it seem like it’s just a ploy for them to continue their heist, it seems like the good guy stuff is going down well with some of the crew and not well with the others.

The Bad Boys will be the first animated feature to be released by Dreamworks this year. They had a relatively quiet year in 2021, releasing three films that didn’t really make any headway at the box office. Untamed Spirit was her worst theatrical release ever, grossing only around $17.6 million domestically. The Boss Baby: Family Business did not fare much better, ranking only 36th out of 40 in their national totals. The last film they released in July last year, Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans was a Netflix movie.

With the pandemic better controlled at this point and more movie theaters staying open, they’re probably hoping The Bad Boys can get her back on track. In addition to The Bad BoysDreamworks also has a film about Puss in Boots scheduled for release in 2022. Hopefully Sam Rockwell and company can bring Dreamworks their next big hit.

The Bad Boys is also Dreamwork’s first new property since 2019 abominable. All other films they have released since then have been franchise sequels. It’s likely that Dreamworks is hoping they have the next one Shrek, Kung Fu Pandaor How to train your dragon made easy-big hit on her hands. If you’re interested in seeing their take on the heist genre, you can catch Sam Rockwell, Awkafina and the others in theaters on April 22, 2022.

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