Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield reacts to Tom Holland nearly spoiling No Way Home

Andrew Garfield has the perfect reaction to a previous interview where Tom Holland may have said a little too much about Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Andrew Garfield laughed heartily when he realized co-star Tom Holland might have said a little too much about the film before its release.

in the No way homeGarfield reproduced his version of Peter Parker / Spider-Man by Sony Amazing Spider-Man duology. After Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) failed to save her The Amazing Spider-Man 2Garfield’s Spidey is having a moment of redemption No way home, saving Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson (Zendaya) from a similar fate. While Sony, Marvel, and even Garfield himself tried to keep his involvement No way home a secret that fans have speculated that Garfield’s Peter would save MJ since the latter fell victim to her apparent demise in the film’s trailer.

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Even more, before No way home came out, Holland himself revealed in an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb that his Spidey would not be the one to save MJ. “That was a pretty scary stunt you guys did… It was really fun. Well, I wasn’t there. It looked really fun,” Holland told Zendaya before a nervous look crept over his face. Plumb recently shared that moment with Garfield in a new interview.

“I knew you were there No way home“Plumb told Garfield.” I was talking to this Tom Holland, Zendaya was sitting to his left… he’s – love you, Tom – the worst liar… And we were talking about Zendaya’s stunt, where she has to jump off the scaffolding… And Tom was like, ‘Oh my god, it looks great. I mean, of course I wasn’t there.’” There was a short silence, followed by Garfield, who burst out laughing.

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Plumb said: “I captured the moment where you can see his soul… leaving his body. And the best part is I didn’t ask him about it at the moment.” Garfield laughed, “God bless him. I love him too. i love you too But never change.

Similar to his avenger Co-star Mark Ruffalo, Holland has earned a reputation for accidentally spoiling his Marvel films in interviews. However, it’s hard to say whether or not the Netherlands actually spoiled Garfield’s involvement No way home. At this stage it’s easy to say he did it because he was 20/20 in hindsight — but at the time they could very well have referred to something else, like a stunt double doing the scene on his Spot makes, or Spider-Man added to the sequence in post-production. The main thing that suggests this was indeed almost an accidental spoiler is the fact that Holland awkwardly went silent and didn’t clarify his statement.

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Whatever the case may be Spider-Man: No Way Home still plays in the theaters. The film will be released on digital on March 22nd and will have 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on April 12th.

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