The best nectar-producing flowers and plants for monarch butterflies in San Antonio

To support the rebuilding of the monarch butterfly population, there are several plants that provide nectar and egg-laying sites.

First, I recommended that San Antonio gardeners plant native milkweed plants. Monarchs lay eggs exclusively on milkweed, and they prefer the native varieties. One issue with native milkweed plants is that they often are not mature enough in time for the spring migrants that pass through San Antonio in April. But many think it’s better that monarchs wait to lay their eggs for that first generation of the migration until they travel further north.

Some years depending on the weather, native green milkweed and antelope horn milkweed are mature enough to support egg-laying. Another option is to plant tropical milkweed, which seems to be faster to produce foliage and blooms in the spring than the native species. It is also easier to find mature transplants of the tropical milkweed at area nurseries.

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