The endgame theory points to a global toilet disaster

Three years later, it’s safe to assume we’ve heard all about it Avengers: Endgamebut a brilliant new theory has proven how wrong we were.

As you know, the epic MCU film Hulk brought back everyone who had been dusted off by Thanos five years earlier. Spider-Man: Far From Home showed that the event known as The Blip brought everyone back to exactly where they were when they were dusted.

That made Marvel fans think of all those people who got dusted on planes or in a car on a busy road. This was quickly resolved by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, who said Hulk brought everyone back to a safe place so no one would fall to their deaths upon his return.

However, this theory from Reddit user Mt_Thimble shows that one thing we haven’t thought of: toilets.

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Thanos didn’t check exactly where everyone was when he dusted half the universe, so it could have happened to people anywhere, including the bathroom – as we saw with Yelena hawk eye.

Furthermore, they might even have been midstream when washed away by Thanos. Knowing that they’re popping up wherever they left five years ago, this could lead to some uncomfortable comebacks.

“Given the frequent and often extended use of toilets by humans, many of them are certainly occupied by the time half the population disappears, some of whom are likely to be used again when the original sitters reappear, an as yet unexplored episode of The Blip,” , it says in theory.

They call these encounters “Double Occupied Toilet Encounters,” or DOTEs for short, and before you think that’s just your typical Reddit theory, think again. To back up their theory, they created a scientific paper where they literally calculated the probability of how many DOTEs happened when the Hulk brought everyone back.

The whole can be read here, and it’s worth outlining the broad process behind the theory.

Endgame of Avengers

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They consider variables such as the impact of Thanos’ snap on the number of working toilets, the lack of toilet access worldwide, and the timing of the snap. In other words, it’s anything but a bunch of old shit.

It all leads to the conclusion that at “cautious estimates for average toilet usage and global toilet availability” there were around 50,000 toilets worldwide that ended with a “surprise second visitor”.

While not that many, they also argue that at least one DOTE had to happen since the calculated probability of at least one is basically 100%: “It can be taken as a practical certainty that while the world was being saved, at At least one humble bathroom fixture is the scene of interrupted business… inevitable

You could argue that since the Hulk brought everyone back to a safe place it would mean that he wasn’t going to bring people back to the occupied space. Really, there was probably only so much they could do, which meant they might have changed their position a bit, but they’d still end up in the bathroom or toilet stall.

Endgame of Avengers

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Of course, being Reddit, this theory has led to other questions about the waste material (to put it politely) that was in said toilet when people were being dusted. Luckily, the theory writer has an answer.

“I think the shit stays? But if we really want to think about how much of it remains, then we get into the topology of the human body and what counts as life, which are fascinating subjects in their own right. If someone could write a follow-up paper that would be great,” they write.

Do we agree.

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