‘This Guy Is So F**king Unserious’- 24-Year-Old ATP Star ‘Embarrasses’ Himself With a Plagiarized Message Copied From the Internet

‘This Guy Is So F**king Unserious’- 24-Year-Old ATP Star ‘Embarrasses’ Himself With a Plagiarized Message Copied From the Internet
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Over that, a well-known American former tennis player raised the subject to explain to him what ordinary ladies experience in daily life and why it’s difficult to handle everything at once


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Stefanos Tsitsipas’ recent tweet might have gotten him in hot waters. The 24-year-old might have made a mistake by sharing a plagiarised quote from the internet. However, fans reacted wildly to his latest inspirational quote. Asking a lot of questions about the Greek tennis player.

The Greek tennis player is putting up a lot of inspirational stories on his Twitter account. This might raise a lot of questions as to what the Tennis player is thinking.


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Fans not happy with Stefanos Tsitsipas sharing copied thoughts

The 2021 french Open finalist recently took to his social media account to share a quote.

He wrote, “Copy from one, it’s plagiarism; copy from two, it’s research.”

Commenting on he 24-year-old players’ research ideology, tennis fans cannot keep their cool and flooded the comment section. The tennis player for his not-so-good work of choosing the wrong quote for the right time.

Here are some comments.

A fan mocked the tennis player and referred to him as, the “King of Research.”

Another fan wrote, “We know you didn’t go to school, honey.”

While some fans showed him that his work is copied.

A fan wrote, “lmaooo we already knew you only copied from one 😭 (2011 BY THE WAY).” and others wrote, “Copy from three, it’s Stefanos.”


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Moreover, some fans criticized the 24-year-old. A fan wrote, “HE CANNOT BE SERIOUS.” and others called him, “f**kin unserious.”

Here are some additional comments.

Earlier this month, when the Greek ATP player made a statement against current feminism, tennis fans criticized him harshly.

Tsitsipas modern feminism comment


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The Greek tennis player, who is ranked number four in the ATP ranking tweeted a remark that sparked outrage on Twitter, especially from Rennae Stubbs, a well-known tennis coach. Tennis player, 24, thought that regardless of origin or gender, everyone should be treated equally. And added that modern feminism has departed from the notion of gender equality and has denigrated men.

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Stubbs educated the Tsisipas about how modern feminism emphasizes the status of equality between men and women. She went on to explain that the philosophy helps women navigate through injustices they face in their day-to-day life.


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She tweetedAh excuse me!? How would you know what women go through on a daily basis!? Would u like to have a conversation with an Iranian woman right now!? Dude, u write some crazy stuff on Twitter but this one takes the cake! ! Do u understand how unequal women STILL have it in this world?”

What do you think about the Greek player’s plagiarised tweet? Let us know in the comments below.

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