Tick, tick… boom! Deleted Green Green Dress Scene Released By Netflix

Netflix releases the deleted scene for the song “Green Green Dress” from the musical Tick, Tick oom Boom! with Andrew Garfield and Alexandra Shipp.

A new deleted scene for “Green Green Dress” from the Oscar 2021 nominated musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda Tick, tick… boom! was finally released. In his feature film debut, Miranda adapted the musical originally created by Jonathan Larson for the big screen, starring Oscar-nominated Garfield as Jonathan, Alexandra Shipp as his girlfriend Susan, and Tony Award-nominated Robin de Jesús as his best friend Michael. The original “Green Green Dress” scene was cut from the film by Miranda, but the song was included on the official soundtrack as a bonus track.

In an unexpected move Netflix just removed the deleted scene between Garfield’s Jonathan and Shipp’s Susan showing the on-screen performance of “Green Green Dress”. The scene takes place early in the film and follows Jonathan and Susan happily singing and dancing across the roof of his building, through his apartment and into his bedroom; much to the annoyance of his roommate Michael. The lavishly titled velvet green dress is featured throughout the song as Susan demands Jonathan’s undivided attention for the entire scene. The fully deleted scene can be viewed below:


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Though it was released in 2021, there’s still a lot of excitement for the film as awards season fast approaches. Garfield recently spoke about the Force that the film still resonates with young people, especially young artists. These young people are the ones who originally heard the bonus track and lobbied for Netflix to release the entire scene, which they just proved they have the power to make it happen. It will be interesting to see if Netflix releases more bonus content from the film ahead of the Oscars on March 27th to keep the film rolling.

The musical and film adaptation of Tick, tick… boom follows the story of Jonathan, a young theater composer living in New York City and approaching 30. Pressured by his girlfriend Susan, who wants to pursue her artistic pursuits out of town, and her best friend Michael, who is looking for a financially secure career decision, and a community rapidly succumbing to the horrors of the AIDS epidemic, Jonathan must decide what to do in the time he has been given.

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