Virgin Media household left without broadband

Virgin Media household left without broadband
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Frustated residents say have been left without internet since the first week of this month

John Leach, aged 65, from Farnworth, told The Bolton News that he has been without broadband service since December 7.

He says he has had to upgrade his phone contract as a result to get more data and him and his wife Margaret are having to use the internet at other people’s homes.

Virgin Media say there has been an outage in the area affecting customers.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media said: “We are aware of an outage in the area which has been escalated within our network team as a priority to fix.

“Our customer care team have also assigned someone to make contact with John to explain and apologize for the situation.”

John, who lives on Plodder Lane, said: “I’m totally frustrated over this internet issue. It was December 7, we were watching a film and during the last 10 minutes it cut off.

“After that, every day for about eight days, two times a day we were told it will be fixed at 12 and at 4.

“Then a week or so ago, they put it to December 22, which we then thought at least we have a date.

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“Yesterday came and went and it wasn’t fixed. We got through to them, they said it would be fixed at four, then they said it would be fixed at eight.”

He continued: “We’re paying our contract, but there’s no broadband, we haven’t got TV channels.

“My next door neighbors have got young kids who need it for their homework, they’re having to go to their grandparents’ house.

“It feels like they’re fobbing you off. We came home at 10pm one evening and saw some fellas laying cable.

“They said there would be another person coming the next day to hook it up, but of course they didn’t.

“It’s coming up to Christmas now, it’s just a total frustration.”

John continued: “It’s just ludicrous. I’ve bought a new phone with a new deal as I’ve not got much data on my other phone, so have upped it.

“You don’t realize how much you rely on it until it’s gone, and that’s just for me who is retired.

“I chatted to one of the neighbors today, she’s got a teenager and a 10 or 11-year-old, she said she’s absolutely disturbed with it all.

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“Worse things happen in life, but you pay for something and expect to get it.

“They have said again Friday 4pm. I’ve heard that how many times, 10-20 times.”

He added: “We’re paying £80 a month, our next door neighbor is paying £115 a month for the privilege to have nothing.

“I’ve been going to my son’s to get on my emails.

“I’d like to know what compensation they’re going to provide, they said it would be automatic.”

The latest information on the Virgin Media website state: ‘Looks like there are issues which might affect you. We hope to fix this by 27 December at 16:00.

“Customers may find they are unable to use their Virgin Fiber & TV services. This is taking longer than expected to resolve due to damage caused to fiber cables. We apologize for this, our engineers are working to resolve this ASAP.”

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