Wesley Snipes as Blade in Doctor Strange 2?

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Spiderman who? While most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fandom has spent the past year critique of every detail Spider-Man: No Way HomeHer curiosity paid off as most of the rumors about popular characters coming back after the film’s theatrical release became true. But was that Spiderman Hype so big that it allowed Marvel execs to perfectly hide the massive amount of epic returns Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? While fans are sure, we’ll at least see this one popular X-Men actor resurrects his role, some fans are now confident that Wesley Snipes’ Blade will make his triumphant return as well Doctor Strange 2.

If that Doctor Strange Trailer first premiered at the start of this year’s Super Bowl, fans were quick to dissect the quick 2-minute trailer. Surely some fans believe Wesley Snipes was actually in the trailer as there’s a lot to unpack. In fact, they may have just one strong reason, in one simple detail, why they believe it’s the 59-year-old actor. The scene in question appears around the 1:15 timestamp. When Doctor Strange is taken to an undisclosed location in shackles, he is greeted by a shadowy group of men who fans believe will be Marvel’s group of culprits, the Illuminati. One shadowy character in particular is seen walking, his silhouette holding a blade. You can check out the trailer below, and we’ve also included a screenshot of the moment fans believe Snipes will be revealed as Blade. The character many believe to be Snipes is to Strange’s right between two chairs.

wesley snipes doctor strange 2

Fans of Wesley Snipe’s portrayal of the superhero Blade will surely understand the importance of the sword, the ebony blade, as the superhero’s legendary weapon. While it’s true that the character could be that of Mahershala Ali, the young actor Marvel hired to portray the next hero, the MCU’s history has proven more than once that anything is possible. Also, it makes sense that the older variants depict members of the Illuminati.

There is a lot of speculation in this theory, including the fact that Blade was never a member of the Illuminati in the comics. However, the MCU is known to base its material loosely on the comics, and the studio isn’t necessarily keeping everything canon. There was actually one member of the Illuminati that fans are sure emerged in him Doctor Strange Follower. In the same image, one of the silhouetted characters is speaking to Doctor Strange, and it’s a dead ringer for the voice of Patrick Stewart – who portrayed Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X in the Fox’s X-Men Franchise. With fans already sure an iconic actor will be making an appearance, Wesley Snipes’ return bodes well.

Wesley Snipes portrayed blade for three films spanning nearly a decade. The character was first created by Marv Wolfman for Marvel Comics in 1973. But it wasn’t until Snipes portrayed the vigilante in the 1998 film that the franchise garnered a monumental following. According to lore, Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire during labor. This makes Blade a kind of vampire-human hybrid with all the strengths of vampires but none of their weaknesses. Since the sunlight doesn’t harm him, the vampires know him as the “Daywalker”. In the first film, Blade grows into a vampire hunter and swears revenge for his mother. The film quickly became a commercial success, spawning two more films. blade won the hearts of cinema-goers before X-Men or the first Spiderman franchise debuted.

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