What Antonio Conte did four times during Tottenham’s thrilling victory against Man City

Antonio Conte made his feelings clear with his reactions in Tottenham’s 3-2 win against Pep Guardiola’s side, providing the team with a much needed three points in the battle to secure a top four spot.

Spurs went into the game on the back of three defeats in a row in the Premier League, preparing themselves for a difficult clash against the current league leaders.

However a positive reaction and solid performance led them to a last minute winning goal from Harry Kane, which got them a well deserved three points.

The Lilywhites are still seven points behind fourth-placed Man United but have three games in hand and will hope they can produce a similar level of performance when they travel to Burnley on Wednesday.

football.londontakes a look at three things we noticed Conte did during the victory at the Etihad Stadium.

Conte’s first-half talk

Conte’s side came up against Guardiola’s on Saturday and the two managers have faced each other a number of times in the past, with the Spanish boss starting his career at Man City in the same year the 52-year-old won the league with Chelsea.

They had a welcoming handshake hug ahead of kick-off, with a quick conversation and smiled before they went to their areas of the dugout.

At half-time the score was 1-1 and before the first 45 minutes was up, the two managers had a bit of a chat on the side-line.

Tottenham’s footage meant you couldn’t decipher what was being said, but it seemed very amicable as they both laughed and smiled before continuing to instruct their team.

Antonio Conte had a mixture of reactions throughout Tottenham’s victory over Man City.

Keeping his players calm

Conte is known for his passion on the side-line, which was no different in Manchester and he was constantly shouting instructions and pointing to help his players throughout the game, no matter what the score was.

He leaned back and put his hands on his head in frustration when chances were missed and clapped on multiple occasions after good spells of play from his side.

What was noticeable, at least four times in the match, was his outstretched hands moving in an up and down motion as if to suggest he was telling his players to calm down.

It was at various points throughout the match but the first instance was just before the home side’s first equalizing goal.

Keeping composure, which Conte’s gesture suggests, was crucial to helping the Lilywhites get the three points and is something they have struggled with in some games earlier on in the season.

Not only did they need to keep fighting for more than 90 minutes, in order to get the victory they, more importantly, had to keep disciplined to make sure they didn’t let their lead slip away.

Unusual goal celebration

Conte’s passion on the side-lines always comes the fore his side score, but this time around he had a very tame reaction to Spurs’ first goal.

It was a first start for January signing Dejan Kulusevski and he got the opening goal, in the fourth minute. However the Spurs boss stayed very calm when the ball went into the back of Ederson’s net.

Conte kept his hands in his pockets and didn’t even crack a smile as his side took the lead. This may have been because he knew there was still 85 minutes left of the match and there was a long way to go before any celebrations really counted.

Going into the second half with the score at 1-1, it took Spurs just under 15 minutes to take the lead again, with Kane’s first goal of the match.

The Italian’s celebrations then started to come out as he was cheering and using hand gestures to show his excitement. However he still held back as he celebrated on his own and went back to the side-line after walking to the dugout.

Spurs then made it 3-1 with another Kane goal but it was ruled out for offisde, although that was after the celebrations had taken place. This time Conte celebrated with assistant manager Cristian Stellini, grabbing his jacket and shaking him in delight. However when Anthony Taylor disallowed the goal, the Italian’s sarcastic smile was clear to see.

The rollercoaster game didn’t stop there and after Riyad Mahrez made it 2-2 with a penalty in the 92nd minute, Tottenham responded with yet another Kane goal in the 95th minute and this one stood.

All of Conte’s emotions then came out as he ran and jumped on his way to the dugout, celebrating with Ryan Mason and his coaching staff before running to Joe Rodon, who was on the bench for the game and giving him a celebratory hug.

After the match the delight continued as his side had secured the three points and the 52-year-old went round to his players on the pitch and congratulated them all, as well as clapping the traveling fans.


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