Who operates Big Jet TV? Viral Heathrow live stream filmed in a muddy pony field next to the airport

Filmed from a muddy field in west London below the flight path of Heathrow, Big Jet TV blew up today as people trapped inside look for something to do as Storm Eunice wreaks havoc across Britain does

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Storm Eunice: Dreamliner landing at Heathrow will be diverted to Geneva

Britons looking to entertain have found an unlikely hero in the Met Office’s advice, which urges people to stay home and avoid travel unless necessary.

Live aviation channel Big Jet TV rocked the hits and attracted 200,000 viewers from around the world.

With hilarious commentary that is both passionate and informative, the show is streamed live to YouTube viewers from a muddy horse field at the east end of Heathrow’s runway.

People on Twitter loved the show – @georgeeaton hilariously wrote: “The UK economy has a new productivity problem: Big Jet TV.”

For real-time updates on Storm Eunice, follow Mirror’s live blog here

Who operates Big Jet TV?

Big Jet TV live streams land at London’s Heathrow Airport and have become a viral hit as Storm Eunice hits the UK


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Jerry Dyer, an airplane enthusiast, runs Big Jet TV. He has been busy standing at a fence under the runway of Heathrow Airport planes as they land.

Speaking on the show, Dyer said: “With 70 mph gusts, it’s pretty intense and you can see the pilot’s ability.

“You have to give these pilots a lot of respect for that.”

His passion for the skills of the people at the controls – as well as the planes themselves – is clearly seen as they sympathize with the passengers being rocked around by Storm Eunice as their planes land.

“Bosch. Down with it, mate!” he exclaims over a particularly abrupt landing.

Many of the planes Dyer films are dramatically forced to return for another attempt after aborting their first landing.

The stream’s entertainment factor is huge, as Dyer tries to balance interviews with tiresome journalists with his unrelenting live commentary, which is complicated by huge jets having to turn back because they can’t survive their landing.

Is Big Jet TV running normally?

Big Jet TV is on in more normal times, Dyer said on today’s show. He gets people tuning in from all over the world, but with the extreme weather and challenging landings today, his views have really, um, waned.

Dyer’s LinkedIn says he’s run the show for more than five years, with the Sussex man setting up camp on the muddy horse field to capture his priceless content.

However, this show was clearly the big one for Dyer. Yesterday, Thursday, February 17th, Dyer wrote on his LinkedIn: “Here we go! Stay safe inside and catch the world’s craziest show tomorrow from 09:00 GMT when #stormeunice hits the UK. ”

How can I watch Big Jet TV?

If you’d like to tune in to Big Jet TV and join Jerry’s fast-growing fanbase, follow this link.

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