Why didn’t you ask Evans? New trailer released for the Hugh Laurie series filmed in Gower as the release date has been confirmed

A spooky new trailer for the upcoming three-part series Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Directed by Hugh Laurie and shot in part in Gower, BritBox confirms the series’ release date.

Expected to be one of BritBox’s most successful and streamed original series, the miniseries, adapted from the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie, features a star-studded cast including Will Poulter, Jim Broadbent, Nia Trussler Jones, Richard Dixon and Lucy Boynton .

Director Hugh Laurie is also appearing in the series, which drew widespread local attention last summer when observant local film crews spotted film crews at Three Cliffs Bay and saw Laurie and Poulter enjoying a bite to eat at a popular Spanish restaurant in Swansea Marina . You can follow more Swansea news with our newsletter – go here to subscribe.

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First published in 1934, the novel tells the story of Bobby Jones and his friend Lady Frances Derwent, who discovered a man’s body while playing golf and took it upon themselves to find the killer. The IMDB page for the miniseries summarizes the plot as follows: “A dying man’s enigmatic last words send the vicar’s son, Bobby Jones, and his society friend, Lady Frankie Derwent, on a crime spree.”

Back in April 2021, Laurie told Hollywood-based TV news site Deadline that he “fell more and more deeply in love with the characters” while filming the series. “The hairs on the back of my neck didn’t settle properly from the first time. I have captured the beauty of the essential mystery,” he said. “I’ve fallen in love with the characters ever since and am immensely honored to have had the opportunity to retell their story in this form. I’ll wear a tie on set and give everything I have. “

Will Poulter, Hugh Laurie and the castmates are set to play at Three Cliffs Bay in Gower last summer

Will Poulter (The Millers, The Maze Runner, Midsommar, The Revenant) stars as Bobby Jones in the new series - and was spotted on the set at Three Cliffs Bay last June
Will Poulter (The Millers, The Maze Runner, Midsommar, The Revenant) stars as Bobby Jones in the new series – and was spotted on the set at Three Cliffs Bay last June

You can watch the trailer here:


New trailer for Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? to you. Hugh Laurie and filmed in Gower – YouTube embed, March 2022

The new trailer features Bobby (played by Poulter) and a relative peering over a cliff at a body on the beach below. As the waves break, he rushes down the cliff path, almost losing his footing before reaching the body and shouting “He lives” to his relative before his relative leaves to get help for the injured man.

Seconds later, Bobby tells the man, “They’re coming, help is coming” – only for the anonymous man to grab his arm and quietly say, “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” before passing away.

Bobby and the man then fade out and are replaced by a black screen with the series’ logo and “Streaming April 14th,” confirming that the series’ release date is only a few weeks away.

It is understood that these scenes were all filmed on location at Three Cliffs Bay in Gower. For more stories about Gower click here.

Why didn’t you ask Evans? is scheduled for release on BritBox on April 14, 2022.


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