X-Men fan poster shows how epic Daniel Radcliffe could look as Wolverine

Amid calls for his casting, a new fan-made X-Men poster shows what Daniel Radcliffe could look like as the MCU successor to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Daniel Radcliffe is introduced as new wolverine in a fantastic fan-made X-Men Poster. The actor quickly cemented himself as a household name through his long streak as the title character in the Harry Potter Series. After spending over a decade of his life in the franchise, Radcliffe starred in independent films, although casting rumors of Wolverine have dogged Radcliffe since 2019. The actor joked that he just can’t shake his head at how he might play a size-accurate version of Wolverine, and while they debunked the rumor, fans didn’t let go of the idea.


While Hugh Jackman definitely won audiences’ hearts during his run as Wolverine from 2000 to 2017, he faced some resistance. The actor’s casting made his film character 6’3″, while his comic book counterpart is much shorter at 5’3″. While Radcliffe is still taller at roughly 5ft 5in, it’s partly because of his height that fans have stuck so firmly to his casting.

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Now artist samuel_cheve shows on Instagram how well suited Radcliffe is for the role with a brilliant Wolverine X-Men fan poster. The English actor looks particularly scruffy with his wild hairdo and beard, and wears the white tank top popularly associated with Jackman’s Wolverine. Surrounded by a bright yellow color, Radcliffe’s image is reminiscent of Wolverine’s iconic comic book costume. Everything about this spectacular design has fans raving about this Wolverine fan cast. Check out the poster below:

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Radcliffe was incredibly grateful for that X-Men Fans are rallying behind him, although the actor doesn’t necessarily share their enthusiasm. Despite continued support for the prospect of him playing Wolverine, he sees himself as a sort of demotion from Jackman. Many, like the artist above, would disagree, as fans still daydream about what Radcliffe would be like as Wolverine. However, it seems less that Radcliffe opposed the idea than he just believed it would never come to fruition, and he has encouraged Marvel to prove him wrong.

Although there was no official announcement, fans were excited about the potential of the X-Men‘s MCU launch since Disney completed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Marvel has teased fans over the possibility of the partial return of Evan Peters’ Pietro in WandaVision and Patrick Stewart’s upcoming engagement in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With so many new things happening to it X-Menit seems more likely than ever that audiences will see it wolverine again, and it’s clear that fans already have their first choice for the rewrite.

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Source: samuel_cheve

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